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Royal Mail fire sale costs taxpayer £1.4 billion

by Grahame Morris.

The Royal Mail served the nation for over 500 years; however a Government fire sale not only privatised this prize asset but also short changed the public. Last week, the National Audit Office (NAO) delivered a damning report showing that the Government’s rush to privatise the Royal Mail cost the taxpayer £1.4 billion.

Ten reasons to NOT join a union (N.B. watch before you respond!!)

by Conrad Landin.

If you think the trade union movement doesn’t have a sense of humour, maybe you should head to Australia! This great video from Oz’s National Tertiary Education Union makes the case for NOT joining a union. The visuals get really good at number four: “you don’t mind being bullied at work!”

Legal loophole used to exploit agency workers must be closed

by Billy Hayes.

Day-in, day-out agency workers doing exactly the same job as their colleagues are receiving up to £500 less in their pay packet every month. Why the gaping disparity? Because employers are using a clever legal loophole to undercut permanent employees and exploit temporary workers. This week is part of Fair Pay Fortnight and the Communication […]

Employment tribunal claims slump as fees bite hard

by Tony Burke.

The introduction of employment tribunal fees is biting hard according to the government statistics. The statistics cover October to December 2013 and show that workers seeking justice through the employment tribunals have been deterred by the fees introduced by the Coalition Government. Dependent on the claim lodged, it could cost a worker up to £1200 to bring a […]

Bob Crow’s funeral (video)

by Newsdesk.

Thousands of trade unionists today paid tribute to RMT general secretary Bob Crow as along the route of his traditional East End funeral in which his coffin was carried in a horse-drawn carriage. Banners were displayed along the route from the RMT and other trade unions as well as left organisations such as the Stop The War Coalition, […]

Benneconomics – a tribute

by Andrew Fisher.

I got to know Tony Benn well when I worked as a researcher to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs in the mid-2000s. I’d first met him when he was about to stand down from Parliament “to devote more time to politics“, a promise which he fulfilled. He filled venues around the country with […]

What is the future of the Labour-union link?

by Peter Willsman.

After Collins, what of the future? Of the collective link between the Labour Party and the trade unions as organisations representing the organised working class? The composition of the implementation committee is quite encouraging, and its actions may avert our worst fears in the immediate future. For example, Labour Uncut have suggested that the implementation committee  might change […]

Bob Crow: a reporter’s story

by John Millington.

It was just another average afternoon as a news reporter. I’d bagged a good story and was now waiting for the train back home. Suddenly I see Bob Crow along with other RMT activists waiting to board the same train. He’d only met me on a handful of occasions but he still knew me by […]

What made Brother Crow a truly admirable trade union leader

by Andy Newman.

Now is not the time to debate the complex issues of whether the RMT’s industrial and political strategy has been an overall success; although there is a debate to be had there. The RMT’s strategy has of course also not sprung from the head of one man: it has also been shaped by other leading […]

Obituary: Bob Crow

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’m shocked I have to write this piece now. Bob Crow, probably the most effective trade union leader of this generation has been cruelly snatched away from our movement. Our thoughts have to be with those who feel his passing most keenly – his family, his friends, his close comrades. Now is not the time […]

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