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Floods, climate change and Cameron’s money burning machine

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron is a rootless chameleon politician, but his daily masquerades putting on new guises sometimes do get in the way of each other. Having delayed and reacted late as the floods engulfed the Somerset Levels and then beyond, as soon as the growing climactic violence put his own leadership on the line he swung round, […]

Nuclear privatisation scam: public subsidies but private profit

by Michael Meacher.

According to advisers to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the government is now giving consideration, on top of the economically very foolish decision to go ahead with a new nuclear plant at Hinkley C in Somerset, to building not another 10 as was originally mooted, but 50! The French EDF and its […]

Heathrow expansion is wrong on all counts

by Michael Meacher.

The commission headed by Sir Howard Davies, an ex-President of the CBI, has turned out a predictable waste of money. Governments usually set up Commissions of Inquiry, not to solicit seeds of wisdom, but to try to resolve a political impasse. The Davies Commission was one such, it has failed in its purpose, and said […]

After Haiyan, why can’t the world act against the biggest threat facing mankind?

by Michael Meacher.

As the death toll heads towards 5,000, perhaps many thousands more, and amid pictures of horrendous and unprecedented destruction, the question on the lips of humanity still lies cold: when will the world take climate change seriously? It is almost unbelievable that in the immediate aftermath of the Tacloban hell on earth, Japan chose to […]

Why capping energy prices and investment in renewables are badly needed

by Michael Burke.

The announcement by Ed Miliband that Labour would temporarily cap energy prices is a welcome one. But the reaction to it reveals to deep-seated problems of the British economy and British politics. According to Labour’s own (uncontested) research household energy bills have risen by 29% in 3 years. Therefore the pledge to cap prices rises for […]

Why climate change helped trigger the Syrian civil war

by Clive Lewis.

Watching events in Syria you can’t help but be thoroughly disturbed. Massacres, chemical weapons usage, millions displaced, mass destruction and a death toll approaching an estimated 100,000. Although well into the 21st century the old bloody habits of the 20th seem reluctant to let go. But as events unfold in Syria I fear we are witnessing […]

Kyoto out, the fight against climate change is finally gaining traction

by Michael Meacher.

David Cameron, with his flair for hypocrisy, regularly claims that his government is the greenest government ever. Of course the opposite is true, with Osborne offering the biggest subsidies to fracking of any country, promising huge concessions to any company British or foreign prepared to build a new nuclear plant, stamping on wind power and […]

Nuclear: when one white elephant collapses, build another

by Michael Meacher.

It is almost incredible, but true, that the Government can build a MOX (mixed oxide) plant at Sellafield costing £1.5bn which lamentably and comprehensively fails to meet its manufacturing targets and therefore has to be closed down, yet then is determined against all the odds to build another one at a cost of £2-3bn. These […]

Can anything or anybody stop climate chaos?

by Michael Meacher.

It says a great deal about current human values, the grip of the economic elite over society, and the scarcely challenged dominance of free market capitalism that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere passed 400 parts per million for the first time in 4.5 million years, yet it scarcely merited a mention […]

How much evidence does the world need before it faces up to the inevitable?

by Michael Meacher.

In 3 days time, next Monday, the temperature forecast by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is an unprecedented 52C. This is not just an academic record: the bush-fires, 130 raging across New South Wales alone and at least 40 burning out of control, are not only physically terrifying but also ruinously destructive, with 20,000 hectares […]

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