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Ben Bradshaw’s links to the Henry Jackson Society make him unfit to be Deputy Leader

by Carlus Hudson.

Last month Labour Deputy Leader-hopeful Caroline Flint was outed as having received donations for her campaign from corporate lobbyists Sovereign Strategy. Vice’s article points out Sovereign’s links to Maximus, the company contracted by the government (replacing ATOS) to carry out Work Capacity Assessments. Despite Flint soundbite calling for Labour to be a ‘grassroots movement – […]

Intervention in Iraq is futile – we should not join it

by Mike Phipps.

Two years after MPs voted not to take part in the bombardment of Syria, British forces have been doing precisely that. A cross-party group of MPs and peers will investigate the air strikes, the Government’s authorisation of which shows complete contempt for parliamentary democracy. As Michael Meacher pointed out, “The excuse given by the Prime […]

So Tory ministers lying to Parliament is now OK?

by Michael Meacher.

The revelation that British air crews have been engaged in bombing operations against ISIS in Syria for the last 10 months, in strict defiance of a Parliamentary vote two years ago prohibiting this, should be a matter where ministerial heads roll. The excuse given by the Prime Minister’s office that they were embedded with US […]

Reactionary and dishonest: a reply to BICOM’s Alan Johnson on Jeremy Corbyn

by Ollie Hill.

The reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic last-minute feat in getting on the Labour leadership ballot from some sections of the party has been predictably vicious. Familiar MPs, commentators and grandees stepped forward with a chorus of spite claiming that Corbyn’s inclusion represented a reckless concession to left-wing ‘extremists’ and showed that ‘the lunatic wing of […]

Labour Friends of Israel continues to whitewash war crimes

by James Elliott.

One year on from the tragic events in Gaza last summer, and the British Israel lobby is still trying to distract us from Israel’s crimes by highlighting perceived wrongdoing by other sides. In her piece for Left Foot Forward, Jennifer Gerber makes a number of claims which require refutation: Hamas’ responsibility for provoking ‘the conflict’; […]

Tory attacks on Ed are detestable but the practical case against Trident must be made

by Diane Abbott.

The constant personal attacks on Ed Miliband by the Tories have rightly been deplored. Last week ,Tory defence spokesman Michael Fallon chose to claim that Ed “had stabbed his own brother in the back to lead Labour and was now willing to stab the UK in the back by doing a deal on Trident with […]

Ten things a new government could do to make the world a safer place

by Newsdesk.

Here are ten things a new government could do to make the world a safer place, from Stop the War: 1. Ban the sales of arms to anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. Britain is currently the second biggest exporter of weapons globally. Britain regular sells weapons to many of the countries on the Foreign Office’s own list of […]

The provocation the US felt from Cuba in 1962 is what Russia sees from Ukraine now

by Michael Meacher.

So Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU Commission, wants to set up a European army in the face of the threat posed by Moscow. Quite apart from the fact that this would partly duplicate NATO and the suspicion that it is motivated more by the desire to centralise key powers at EU level since in […]

US regrets reduced UK military capabiility for foreign intervention – the rest of us don’t

by Diane Abbott.

In recent days Westminster has been convulsed with debate and discussion about general election debates, but there are more substantial issues bubbling away just below the surface. Amazingly the United States army Chief of Staff has seen fit to complain about British defence spending. There has not been much comment on how extra-ordinary this is. […]

Labour would do better being anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-corporate says poll

by Jon Lansman.

According to new polling evidence from YouGov, not just Labour voters but also the party’s swing voters prefer “a leftist Labour Party than a Blairite one” as Stephan Shakespeare, YouGov’s CEO puts it, adding: “People are not as attracted to the mushy centre as they were five years ago“. The poll shows big majorities for an agenda […]

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