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Investment, not Trident

by Michael Burke.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has produced a new pamphlet, People Not Trident. It argues against the colossal waste of funding needed to a replace the Trident nuclear weapons system. It makes the case that the £100bn saved could be used to invest in a whole host of sectors, housing, education, international development, the switch to renewable […]

Ten years on, the US are helping to destroy Fallujah again

by Mike Phipps.

Conflict and carnage on a scale unseen since the height of the Occupation nearly a decade ago have broken out in Iraq’s Anbar Province. Over 140,000 people have been made homeless since fighting started at the end of last year. According to the UN, 65,000 people fled the fighting in the towns of Fallujah and […]

The state of war and peace in 2014

by Newsdesk.

In a polemic worthy of wide attention, Lindsey German, Stop the War convenor, looks at the state of play in 2014 between the war-makers and those who give voice to the majority opinion that opposes their war policies We should recognise the importance of the vote in the British parliament which opposed immediate direct intervention in Syria. It […]

Why is Blair given a veto over disclosure of his dealings with Bush before Iraq war?

by Michael Meacher.

It is now more than 2 years that the Chilcot inquiry into the origins and management of the Iraq war have been stalled in Whitehall, and it has now emerged that this is because the Chilcot panel has been told they cannot disclose 25 notes which Blair wrote to Bush, plus more than 130 records […]

Trident: the establishment has a delusional approach to our role in the world

by Billy Hayes.

The CWU is proud to be affiliated to CND. We regard the struggle for a nuclear free world as essential for humanity’s survival. Your work gives us hope that we can secure our common future. Now, this year at the TUC, the CWU moved composite motion 2 on the economy. The general line of the […]

Walter Wolfgang: still speaking truth to power

by Laura Davison.

I’ve never met Walter Wolfgang. But, after reading this fascinating booklet by Carol Turner, perhaps I don’t need to. He seems to become a kind of symbol through its pages. Not least pictorially, as in the iconic image of the moment he was evicted from the Labour party conference of 2005 which adorns the front […]

The West is too riddled with self interest to lead on Syria or other world affairs

by Michael Meacher.

Obama’s key line that the attack on Syria would be a short, surgical strike was designed to win over those who were appalled at Assad’s (virtually certain) use of chemical weapons and wanted him to be punished, but without risk of another long war. His latest deviation from this line – that the missile strike […]

The spectre of Iraq

by Mike Phipps.

When commentators claimed after last week’s parliamentary vote that Iraq had played a key role in motivating MPs  to vote against military intervention, it was an important public acknowledgment of the ongoing disaster wrought by US-UK foreign policy. Gone was the New Labour narrative that Iraq today is better off than under Saddam Hussein. Although […]

Syria: three questions for Vince Cable

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And so, a pointless war against Syria has been averted – for now. Not that you would think it as BBC News has been in overdrive since Thursday’s vote. Bulletins jammed with Syrian war porn – classy. But at least some of the media have been doing a proper job at holding the government to […]

Britain can increase investment by slashing military spending

by Michael Burke.

The momentous decision by parliament on 29 August not to participate in a military attack on Syria raises important points both for the trends in British politics and for economic policy. The Socialist Economic Bulletin has repeatedly argued that there is no prospect of a Tory election victory in 2015. After the failure of Cameron’s military agenda the […]

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