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Searching for socialism in the New York mayoral primary

by Conrad Landin.

Primaries, primaries. All this talk of bringing in a public vote to decide Labour’s next candidate for London mayor, and we can easily forget that another large, multicultural city is routinely going through the process of primary selection right now. Bill de Blasio is now in the lead in the selection of the Democrats’ candidate […]

The West is too riddled with self interest to lead on Syria or other world affairs

by Michael Meacher.

Obama’s key line that the attack on Syria would be a short, surgical strike was designed to win over those who were appalled at Assad’s (virtually certain) use of chemical weapons and wanted him to be punished, but without risk of another long war. His latest deviation from this line – that the missile strike […]

The special relationship and the difference a day makes

by Kate Hudson.

Suddenly, politics is before and after ‘last Thursday’. Before last Thursday, Britain was America’s poodle, prepared to pay the ‘blood price’ for our special relationship, riding pillion passenger to US foreign policy, whatever the blowback. Since last Thursday, Britain has determined its own destiny. It has rejected participation in another murderous and futile US war […]

A US attack on Syria won’t stop chemical weapons: there’s a better way

by Michael Meacher.

An American military strike against Syria in the next few days is a virtual certainty, despite the fact that US public opinion seems as tepid about this action as in the UK. What may be driving the US is not so much an abhorrence against a resort to chemical weapons – the US said nothing […]

For a peaceful democratic resolution to Syria’s civil war

by Mike Phipps.

The Cameron government decision to pull back from an immediate vote on military action against Syria is entirely motivated by a fear of losing it. The Labour leadership’s refusal to give the Government carte blanche ahead of a full report by UN weapons inspectors is to be welcomed and Diane Abbott’s speaking out against intervention in […]

Syria: the path to hell

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. And to take most people at face value who favour military intervention in Syria, they appear to sincerely favour “doing something” – anything – for the best of reasons. The chemical attack on a rebel-held suburb of Damascus is utterly reprehensible, no doubt about that. After […]

Regulation of the security services needs to be completely overhauled

by Michael Meacher.

The cascade of revelations from the Edward Snowden files gets ever more damning. After exposure of the US National Security Agency’s Prism system and the matching UK GCHQ’s Tempora system, allowing interlocking and virtually unlimited access to almost all internet activity regardless of so-called privacy protections, we now find that a NSA programme entitled XKeyscore […]

I am Bradley Manning

by Newsdesk.

I am Bradley Manning. Because I believe the public deserves the truth and whistleblowers deserve a fair trial. 1161 days of unjust confinement is enough! Drop the “aiding the enemy” charge Amidst courtroom secrecy, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning is on trial after three years of confinement. The information that Bradley gave to the public has […]

If only we had a government we could trust, we should offer Edward Snowden asylum

by Michael Meacher.

Instead of pursuing Edward Snowden to the ends of the earth, as the US is doing, we should be lauding him for the huge service he has done us at enormous risk to himself.   He has revealed the nature of our State and the security services which every citizen of the UK needs to […]

Uncle Sam, what big ears you have!

by Tom Gill.

Translated from the original by François Delapierre We do not know what is more astonishing. The revelations about the spying on the European Union by the United States intelligence services? Or the surprise this causes among EU leaders? It seems that amid the rhetoric of the unity of the “free world” during the Cold War, […]

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