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Be in no doubt: Jeremy Corbyn could win this contest

by Jon Lansman.

The agreement by Unite, Britain’s biggest union, by a vote of 34 to 14 of its elected executive, to nominate Jeremy Corbyn represents a turning point in this leadership contest. It is important not because of the extent to which Unite wields direct influence in this election: trade union members may comprise less than a third of those eligible […]

After Greece votes no, what next?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

In time, they might come to call it the Tsipras Gamble. With an impossibly weak hand, no one seriously thought Syriza could pull it off. The verdict of the bail out referendum was predicted to be close, so close that it might well have been Syriza as opposed to Greece heading for the exit door. […]

Jeremy Corbyn welcomes Unite’s endorsement

by Jeremy Corbyn.

It is a great honour to receive Unite’s nomination for the Labour leadership, and it underlines that this a serious campaign that has growing momentum. The leadership election is about one issue above others: whether we accept another five more years of a race to the bottom based on cuts that destroy services and damage […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the trade unions

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

There were howls of dismay on my Twitter feed last night. And it wasn’t all because Heather Watson lost a close fought match with Serena Williams. It had something to do with this: that the Telegraph was reporting that Unite and the GMB look all set to endorse Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy for the Labour Party leadership […]

Tories talk of freedom, but authoritarianism is their hallmark

by Michael Meacher.

This last week something little-noticed happened which could have very worrying consequences for the future. All local authorities, NHS trusts, schools, universities, further education colleges, and prisons had a new statutory duty imposed on themto prevent extremist radicalisation taking place within their ambit. These new duties will be vastly intrusive. Local authorities will have to […]

Only Jeremy Corbyn can save Labour

by Liz Davies.

I left the Labour Party in 2001, after over 20 years of active membership. By 2001 the party’s direction was firmly neoliberal as the Blair government attacked single parents and asylum-seekers and privatised public services. It wasn’t just the politics of the government. Blair had changed the party’s structures so that it was no longer even […]

The Left needs to unpack what “Electability” really means

by Max Leak.

The candidacy of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership has stimulated the party’s old debate surrounding the Left and “electability”: supporters of the Islington North MP claim that elections are won by a clear and confident statement of one’s ideas, whilst opponents universally claim that elections are won, always and in any circumstance, by […]

Reactionary and dishonest: a reply to BICOM’s Alan Johnson on Jeremy Corbyn

by Ollie Hill.

The reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic last-minute feat in getting on the Labour leadership ballot from some sections of the party has been predictably vicious. Familiar MPs, commentators and grandees stepped forward with a chorus of spite claiming that Corbyn’s inclusion represented a reckless concession to left-wing ‘extremists’ and showed that ‘the lunatic wing of […]

Tory education bill will speed up failed academy project

by Naomi Fearon.

Last month the Department for Education announced its new Education and Adoption Bill. According to the DfE in their press release the bill will seek to “sweep away bureaucratic and legal loopholes’. Any school found inadequate by Ofsted will be expected to convert to academy status, as well as those schools that are found to […]

The Not-So-Strange Death of Scottish Labour?

by Michael Muir.

When the time comes to construct the pantheon of Scottish Labour leaders, Ken Macintosh MSP will surely stand shoulder to shoulder with Jim Murphy at its highest point. To Murphy’s visions of speedy boarding for veterans and booze at football games, Macintosh has, in the past few weeks, added two radical insights of his own: […]

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