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The SNP motion on Trident was a sectarian stunt, not a blow for disarmament

by Jon Lansman.

The motion which was put down in the name of SNP Westminster MPs yesterday “that this House believes that Trident should not be renewed” had nothing whatever to do with advancing the cause of disarmament or preventing the renewal of Trident. That is an objective the SNP does not share. If they did, they would seek to […]

Corbynistas are not the new Nasty Party

by David Osland.

Where I work, telling a middle manager to ‘fuck off’ would result in a summons from human resources pretty sharpish, with the full expectation of a resultant first written warning. And if the target of the Anglo-Saxon expletive happened to be black, the question of whether the incident had been racially motivated would at least […]

Backing for Corbyn has increased amongst party members says Times poll (updated)

by Jon Lansman.

This article has now been updated based on the full YouGov tables now published, which also reveal that opposition to austerity now stretches right across Labour’s political spectrum. The Times (£) has revealed that backing for Jeremy Corbyn amongst those who voted in the contest has increased from the 59% who voted for him to 66% who […]

Peter Willsman’s report from Labour’s November executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 21 July 2015 The NEC is united in its support for Jeremy as he gets to grips with a very difficult job. I worked with Jeremy in NUPE before he became an MP. I have never met anyone as dedicated. Jeremy is totally exceptional. Party members want to give Jeremy a chance to […]

Let’s hear it from (and for) for the real Andrew Fisher

by Mike Phipps.

Mike Phipps has been re-reading the thoughts of Andrew Fisher Although Labour’s NEC has not closed the case, Labour’s new leader has made it clear he is standing by his policy aide Andrew Fisher whose pre-Corbyn era tweets have attracted some attention in the media. Some of the new leader’s serial detractors have found it […]

iPads + superfast broadband = socialism (or maybe just a kinder, fairer capitalism)

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Socialism is Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 plus superfast broadband! Okay, not as pithy as Lenin’s definition involving soviet power and electrification, but John McDonnell’s speech on Wednesday is a continuation of a fine tradition in left and centre left politics: the close alignment of our policy agenda with technological dynamism. Though, of course, it’s […]

Labour Party will boycott G4S security services over repression of Palestinians

by Newsdesk.

It has emerged that the Labour Party decided at its national executive meeting on Tuesday to boycott the private security company, G4S, that has provided its conference security in recent years because it helps Israel run prisons at which Palestinian political prisoners are held without trial and subjected to torture. Protests have taken place both outside […]

On Rafael Behr and how to mangle history by way of gratuitous Corbyn-bashing

by David Osland.

It’s a curious inversion of most extant moral codes to claim the high ground on the basis of support for war and quicker resort to fatal force by the police, while painting those who argue against them as ethical imbeciles. But the last week has seen numerous critics pass judgment on the alleged failings of Jeremy […]

Post-Paris massacre poll shows UK public oppose Syria airstrikes – MPs take note

by Jon Lansman.

The vast majority of the British public do not believe that British airstrikes on Syria are the right response to the Paris massacre, says a poll published today. Nor do the public believe past airstrikes have made the UK any safer. What most people want is a joint international approach backed by the UN, and for […]

On Jeremy Corbyn, “shoot to kill” and stopping terrorists in the act of murder

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

You can understand the thirst for vengeance. On Sunday night, France flew sorties over Syria to strike IS targets in Raqqa, the capital of their ramshackle semi-state. They reportedly hit a recruitment centre and munitions depot. Other facilities on the receiving end of French ordinance were a hospital, a museum, a stadium, and a chicken farm. […]

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