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Why is Jeremy Corbyn so terrifying?

by David Pavett.

Jeremy Corbyn is a mild-mannered, softly-spoken man who expresses himself with reasoned arguments and believes strongly in letting everyone have their say. So how has this very model of a political gentleman come to be seen by our media as the political equivalent of an angel of death who would make Labour unelectable and who, […]

Chris Leslie has got Corbynomics wrong

by Richard Murphy.

I noted a report in the Independent yesterday about comments that the shadow chancellor, Chris Leslie, had made about why he called Corbynomics. These are, I presume, the policies announced by Jeremy Corbyn nearly two weeks ago. I spoke at the launch of those policies and since they were largely lifted from this blog I […]

Fifteen times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history

by Paul Simpson.

1. Apartheid: Jeremy was a staunch opponent of the Apartheid regime and a supporter of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. He was even arrested for protesting outside the South African embassy in 1984. 2. Chile: Jeremy was an opponent of the brutal dictator Pinochet (an ally of Britain under Thatcher) and was a leading campaigner in the quest […]

We need to stop using the word ‘progressive’

by Max Leak.

The vocabulary of the Labour moderniser is narrow and confusing. To start with there’s the word “moderniser” itself, denoting members of a kind of desperate tribute band to the original mid-nineties New Labour gaggle. “Reform” is another favourite – it’s a polite word for “destruction”, or at the very least wholesale privatisation. Welfare “reform”; public […]

Why is Jeremy Corbyn the only candidate I trust to help tackle gender inequality and discrimination?

by Aisling Gallagher.

This week Jeremy Corbyn laid out his policy proposals for tackling gender inequality and discrimination faced by women in the UK. Including universal free childcare, a national carers’ strategy, restoring the now stripped funding to domestic abuse shelters and a shadow cabinet composed of at least 50% women, the proposals in his document ‘Working With […]

Alice Perry and Jim McMahon’s report from Labour’s July executive

by Alice Perry.

Local government representatives on Labour’s National Executive Committee, Alice Perry and Jim McMahon, report on the National Executive Committee meeting on July 21st. Acting Leader’s report and general discussions Acting Leader Harriet Harman’s report sparked a lively debate on a number of issues including welfare reform, Syria, the leadership contest and the importance of party unity […]

Unison endorses Jeremy Corbyn, as Cooper moves into second place

by James Elliott.

Britain’s second-largest union, UNISON, yesterday endorsed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, and recommended a second preference for Yvette Cooper. This will be a major boost for Corbyn and shows how rapidly his campaign has developed. When Unite, Britain’s largest, endorsed Corbyn on July 5th, many were surprised. For a union considered more moderate than Unite […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s July executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 21 July 2015 Ann Black reports on Labour’s national executive committee meeting which took place this month. Interim leader Harriet Harman said that we were living through turbulent times, and she was under no illusions about the scale of the challenge. Labour had to listen to the country and campaign in a spirit of […]

Are “realistic” Labour leaders best placed to win an election?

by Bryan Gould.

Conventional wisdom has it that the outcome of the Labour leadership contest most feared by the Tories would be the election of the candidate perceived to be nearest to the middle ground. Conversely, it is suggested that a candidate who espouses policies seen to be further to the left, (which seems to mean simply offering […]

Jeremy Corbyn announces universal free childcare in gender equality manifesto

by James Elliott.

Jeremy Corbyn today announced a manifesto for gender equality, titled, ‘Working with Women’, with a range of policies including universal free childcare, an end to cuts to welfare and public services, mandatory equal pay audits and protecting women’s refuges for survivors of domestic violence. The manifesto spans a woman’s life, starting from early years and schooling to […]

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