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Historical allusions: a helpful guide for Blairites and appeal for cooperation

by David Osland.

Gordon Bennett, those Blairites (a historical term for people roughly corresponding with the 4.5%ers – Ed) can’t half be a bunch of drama queens sometimes. The merest slight to the amour propre of the tattered remnants of New Labourism often meets with hyperbolic allusion to some of the most dramatic events of recent centuries by way […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s November executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 17 November 2015 Ann Black reports on Labour’s national executive committee meeting which took place this month. The first meeting after conference is always a long session, planning for the challenges ahead. Overall objectives were to develop Labour as a campaigning movement, achieve real change, build trust in communities, and win elections at all […]

Time for the Labour Left to debate reselection of MPs

by David Osland.

For the past three months, the very word ‘reselection’ has been unmentionable in Labour left circles, for fear that even talking about it would represent an unwarranted provocation of the Labour right. But as the events of the last 48 hours clearly underline, it’s time to break the taboo. At the very least, Corbyn supporters now […]

Labour’s shadow cabinet must not split the party over going to war

by Jon Lansman.

The shadow cabinet yesterday discussed David Cameron’s plan to go to war in Syria. A majority of its members favour backing airstrikes in spite of the four conditions laid down by Labour’s conference only two months ago not being met. It is unclear whether there is a majority of members favour imposing a whip in support […]

Understanding Corbynmania

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s not the key factor explaining why Labour aren’t doing spectacularly well at the moment, but the never ending tit-for-tat in the press, on the telly, on the internet isn’t helping much. It is a truism that divided parties don’t win elections, after all. Then there were these polling figures of Labour Party members. Some […]

The SNP motion on Trident was a sectarian stunt, not a blow for disarmament

by Jon Lansman.

The motion which was put down in the name of SNP Westminster MPs yesterday “that this House believes that Trident should not be renewed” had nothing whatever to do with advancing the cause of disarmament or preventing the renewal of Trident. That is an objective the SNP does not share. If they did, they would seek to […]

Corbynistas are not the new Nasty Party

by David Osland.

Where I work, telling a middle manager to ‘fuck off’ would result in a summons from human resources pretty sharpish, with the full expectation of a resultant first written warning. And if the target of the Anglo-Saxon expletive happened to be black, the question of whether the incident had been racially motivated would at least […]

Backing for Corbyn has increased amongst party members says Times poll (updated)

by Jon Lansman.

This article has now been updated based on the full YouGov tables now published, which also reveal that opposition to austerity now stretches right across Labour’s political spectrum. The Times (£) has revealed that backing for Jeremy Corbyn amongst those who voted in the contest has increased from the 59% who voted for him to 66% who […]

Peter Willsman’s report from Labour’s November executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 21 July 2015 The NEC is united in its support for Jeremy as he gets to grips with a very difficult job. I worked with Jeremy in NUPE before he became an MP. I have never met anyone as dedicated. Jeremy is totally exceptional. Party members want to give Jeremy a chance to […]

Let’s hear it from (and for) for the real Andrew Fisher

by Mike Phipps.

Mike Phipps has been re-reading the thoughts of Andrew Fisher Although Labour’s NEC has not closed the case, Labour’s new leader has made it clear he is standing by his policy aide Andrew Fisher whose pre-Corbyn era tweets have attracted some attention in the media. Some of the new leader’s serial detractors have found it […]

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