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The view from a Scotland full of flags, few of them red

by Katy Clark.

It has been an emotional few weeks in Scotland. Many of those on the No side are now hugely relieved after Friday morning’s result as, although you would not know it from the media, lots of ordinary people had been incredibly worried about the massive ramifications of a potential Yes vote. This was a forever […]

After the referendum, now the backlash

by Mike Phipps.

The panic is over. The neck and neck opinion polls that led the Westminster party leaders to make uncosted promises of greater devolution to Scotland and guarantees of bigger grant funding from the centre have unravelled within hours of the result. The “vow” to which party leaders committed, offering extensive new powers to the Scottish […]

Labour must commit to rebuilding the NHS

by Jon Lansman.

The 999 Call for NHS is the people’s campaign for the NHS inspired by a group of local mums from Darlington. Joanna responded to the Emergency Call for NHS and the 999 Call for the NHS campaign was launched at the first rally in Darlington July 2013. Since then the 999 call for NHS have […]

Whatever happened to the Red Clyde

by Diane Abbott.

In the aftermath of the independence referendum the Labour party should address some key questions. But above all it must ask itself “Whatever happened to the Red Clydeside?” From the beginning of the twentieth century to the era of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work in, Glasgow has been a bastion of left-wing socialism and working […]

Labour faces a titanic struggle to regain the confidence of the Scottish working class

by Jon Lansman.

In gracefully accepting the verdict of the Scottish people “at this stage“, Alex Salmond made clear his expectation that the three unionist parties honour their pledges to the Scottish people in rapid course. “Let us not dwell on distance we’ve fallen short; let us dwell on distance we’ve travelled.” The turnout at 86% demonstrates how engaged and […]

Labouring in Glasgow: “The Imperial March”

by Ben Sellers.

For me the enduring image of the Referendum campaign will be of a large group of smartly clad Labour MPs, being pursued through the streets of Glasgow by a Yes campaigner on a rickshaw with a loud hailer, accompanied by the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) from Empire Strikes Back. The man on the rickshaw […]

Socialism not nationalism is what should govern the life of Scotland, says Gordon

by Jon Lansman.

From each according to his ability to contribute; to each according to his needs. That is the best principle that can govern the life of our country today.” Thus Gordon Brown, at last and at his best, put socialism firmly at the heart of the reason to vote No in the Scottish referendum. It should […]

Cancelling Labour’s conference if Scotland votes Yes would insult party & voters alike

by Jon Lansman.

Mehdi Hasan, political editor of the Huffington Post, last night reported that Labour’s conference could be severely curtailed in the event of a Yes vote in Scotland and the recall of parliament on Monday which seems likely. Although this report is unconfirmed, Mehdi is widely respected and I am not inclined to ignore his report. […]

Democratic changes up for decision at Labour’s conference next week

by Peter Willsman.

At Labour’s conference in Manchester next week, delegates will be debating and voting on a number of key changes to the party’s rule book, tabled both by the national executive and by constituency parties. Grassroots proposals, under an obscure convention (known as the ‘1968 Ruling’) have been delayed for a year but the executive can agree rule changes one week and have them voted on by conference the following week! […]

Is the future “local”? The case of education

by David Pavett.

The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that Labour in 2014 has been entirely won over to the cause of the devolution of power. “Top-down” control is decried in favour of “bottom up” approaches, the regions/nations of the UK are to have much more control of their own affairs (the a panic quality of […]

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