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Tony – Labour’s future is not in your past

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony. When I was a Trot I had it drilled into me that you don’t necessarily speak for yourself. You always have to think about how your conduct and the positions you’re arguing might reflect on your comrades. This sense of political self-responsibility, I think, is something of a virtue and my […]

Why Andy Burnham should oppose the snoopers charter come what May does

by Jon Lansman.

Today, the Guardian reports that “Labour has edged closer to supporting the ‘snooper’s charter’“, referring to the Investigatory Powers Bill carried forward from the last session of Parliament. Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, said “Her commitment to an independent review of the case for bulk powers is a major concession but the right thing […]

Report of Scottish Labour’s May executive

by Jon Lansman.

The May meeting of the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) inevitably focused on the election post-mortem. General Secretary, Brian Roy set out his analysis of the voting and the party’s own polling. The numbers can be found in the SPICe report, for those in need of further depressing reading. The party’s mid-campaign polling was better than the final result […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s May executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 17 May 2016 The major subject for debate at the NEC were the reports from Baroness Jan Royall. These were handed round at the meeting and collected up at the end. In addition, Shami Chakrabarti attended the NEC to discuss the framework for her inquiry. There was a very friendly and positive […]

Poll shows Corbyn can’t be deposed. Do his critics want Labour to win or not?

by Jon Lansman.

A YouGov poll whose findings are published today by the Times shows that the membership of the Labour Party are more supportive of Jeremy Corbyn now than they were in November 2015 and there is no realistic chance of him being removed now or in the foreseeable future. It is time for all his critics […]

On politicians, patriotism and dog whistles

by David Pavett.

Tristram Hunt MP thinks that to gain a majority in England Labour needs to “more obviously show its affection” for the country. In an Observer article of 15 May he argues that the Labour Party has lost contact with its working class constituency. Its former working class voters have gone to UKIP, he says, because […]

Make sure your CLP nominates centre-left candidates for Labour’s national executive

by Jon Lansman.

You have six weeks left (until Friday 24 June) to ensure that your constituency Labour Party nominates a candidate for election to Labour’s executive who can be relied upon to back the leader who was elected only 8 months ago with the strongest mandate of any Labour leader, and the programme he stood for. So far, […]

Jeremy was right to go and schmooze with Progress

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

In yet another example of the lion laying down with the lamb, last Saturday say Jeremy Corbyn deliver a keynote speech at Progress conference. Yes, read that again. Jeremy Corbyn. Keynote. Progress conference. Debate rages whether it’s broken, but everyone can agree that politics has definitely got weird. That speech then, yes. Not a great […]

Labour would have done better without a campaign to undermine Jeremy

by Christine Shawcroft.

How many successful elections has Jeremy Corbyn got to preside over before his critics concede he may have something going for him? And when are they going to run out of excuses to explain away his results? Last summer, as people flocked to join his campaign in their tens of thousands, packing out his meetings […]

The ‘Super Thursday’ elections and their significance for Labour

by Peter Rowlands.

It would be foolhardy to suggest that Sadiq Khan’s enormous victory in the London mayoral elections meant that Labour would win in 2020, and no sensible commentator has done so, but Corbyn’s detractors have used selected information in a similar way to prove the opposite. They know they are being dishonest, but they don’t care […]

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