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Statement on my BBC Radio 4 interview

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday, the BBC aired an interview with me as part of its occasional “At lunch with…” series. The full episode was 18 minutes long and a shorter version appeared on the PM program on Radio 4. In the interview, I said that under the New Labour project, we alienated millions of our core voters, who have […]

Jo Cox murder: the omnipresent danger of fascism

by David Osland.

He says his name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain. But Tommy Mair might as well have called himself a ticking time bomb, and the obvious question is why he exploded now. The alleged murderer of Labour MP Jo Cox has a track record of mental health problems. But despite the flood of instant […]

EC referendum: socialists should stay in and fight!

by Barry Ewart.

An excellent article in New Left Review a while back pointed out that the then Common Market was originally set up to counter the then perceived threat of the USSR, to promote capitalism in Europe, and to give Europe a greater say on the World Stage against the hegemony of the US. In fact it […]

The EU referendum – nine days to go

by Peter Rowlands.

Is there anything new that can be said about the EU referendum? Probably not, but it is perhaps worth reflecting on a number of aspects of the campaign and its possible different outcomes, given that it is now apparent that there is a serious likelihood that either Brexit or Bremain win, but by a small […]

Why Blair is the guy whose face is on the placard

by David Osland.

Richard Nixon famously told a press conference that he was ‘not a crook’. And in the sense that the late US president was never found guilty of anything whatsoever, the statement is factually incontestable. Likewise, Tony Blair is not a war criminal, even though contention to the contrary is a longstanding commonplace among anti-war campaigners, […]

It’s time for Labour to pull together

by Chris Williamson.

The outcome of the local elections last month saw Labour’s tally fall just 18 short of the number of seats won in 2012. That was a remarkable achievement given the run-up to the elections could hardly have been any worse. Labour’s internal arguments inevitably dominated the headlines as prominent malcontents seemed determined to systematically sabotage the […]

Fly on the wall documentary “Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider” (video)

by Newsdesk.

For the last two months, a film crew from have had behind the scenes access to Jeremy Corbyn and his team. This is the result.

How a party faction is preventing party members voting for me for Labour’s NEC

by Rhea Wolfson.

Over the past few weeks, I have been delighted to receive support for my candidacy for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) from a broad spectrum of opinion within the party, including nominations from dozens of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs). It is clear that many members want to see me elected to the NEC. However, I […]

The Cruddas Report and winning in 2020

by Peter Rowlands.

The independent inquiry by Jon Cruddas and others, ‘Why Labour lost in 2015 and how it can win again’ has just been published (late May 2016), although much of the material has already appeared. It does I think deserve another look, as there is fresh material, it is serious, as opposed to just being a […]

Labour and the Jews: from ethnic cleansing to truth and reconciliation

by Jon Lansman.

Who is responsible for the Middle East conflict? And how do we help resolve it? We can do no worse than to begin by looking at Labour’s own history. On this day in 1944, Labour’s annual conference was taking place in London. A week before D-Day and two weeks before V1s started hitting London, the Allies […]

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