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In defence of slates

by Conrad Landin.

It’s spring of an even year, and time therefore for an excess of self-promotion on social media. Why on earth, I hear you cry. Because in a few months time ballot papers will hit the doormats of two hundred thousand Labour members, for that most glamorous of glamorous elections: for members’ reps on Labour’s national […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s March executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 25 March 2014 The NEC stood in silence to pay tribute to Tony Benn and other comrades, including Bob Crow whose untimely death had shocked and saddened us all. David Sparks then reported on a successful local government conference. He shared NEC concerns about the effect of continuing pay restraint on staff and the services they […]

Jack Straw defends Lutfur Rahman and hits out at “gutter politics”

by Keir McCormack.

The editors say: Readers should note that this article was published on 1st April before 12pm!!! After a Dispatches documentary last night criticised his handling of public grants, Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman has received backing from an unlikely quarter. Blackburn MP and former cabinet minister Jack Straw has criticised borough bigwigs for engaging in […]

Christine Shawcroft reports back on Labour’s March executive

by Christine Shawcroft.

Report of the national executive committee (NEC) meeting held on 25 March 2014 We usually have obituaries at NEC meetings, mostly of people I never knew, but this time it was for someone who I knew very well. The Chair asked if anyone wanted to add anything to Tony Benn’s printed obituary, but we’ve all said […]

On Lawson’s letter, jargon and how not to unite the left

by David Pavett.

Most readers of Left Futures will by now have read the letter from Neal Lawson (he of Compass fame) and others in yesterday’s Guardian. The purpose of the letter is said to be to stiffen Labour’s resolve to be radical and not to try coasting to power on the back of Coalition failure. So far, so […]

This is no time for Labour to play it safe

by Michael Meacher.

Should Labour aim to slide past the electoral finish-lines with (as one senior civil servant once said to me) ‘minimum exposure of flank’? Or should the party make clear what it really stands for today, and what its central objectives for government really are? The argument for the former is obviously that it entails fewer […]

Lobby your MP to join Labour rebellion against social security cap

by Conrad Landin.

The New Statesman report today that Labour MPs including Diane Abbott, Ian Lavery and John McDonnell are planning to vote against capping benefit, when a vote on this issue takes place this Wednesday, “with more to follow”. Abbott told the Statesman that the benefit cap was “part of a political narrative which demonises welfare claimants; most […]

What is the future of the Labour-union link?

by Peter Willsman.

After Collins, what of the future? Of the collective link between the Labour Party and the trade unions as organisations representing the organised working class? The composition of the implementation committee is quite encouraging, and its actions may avert our worst fears in the immediate future. For example, Labour Uncut have suggested that the implementation committee  might change […]

Reclaiming our Labour party – from the bottom up

by James West.

JAMES WEST reports from the inaugural meeting of the Derby Red Labour group Recently, a few members of my local Labour party in Derby met up to discuss how we can make Labour more representative of our class, and of our communities. The meeting took place under the banner of “Red Labour” – an informal […]

Shaping Labour’s manifesto – have your say

by Peter Rowlands.

Although it has not been widely commented on, the publication of eight documents from Labour’s policy commissions marks a further step down the road to the manifesto. Amendments are invited, although the deadline for these of June 13 doesn’t give much time, partly because of the EU and local elections on May 22. The documents should […]

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