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I want to be the members’ champion

by Angela Eagle.

It was one of the proudest days of my life when I was elected Chair of Labour’s National Executive Committee at Conference in September 2014. Accepting the role I recalled to those present that I shared this privilege with only eleven women MPs In over 100 years of Labour history including Ellen Wilkinson and the […]

Today MPs will determine whether party members get real choice and real debate

by Jon Lansman.

Shortly after midday today we will learn whether Labour MPs have determined whether the party’s 200,000 plus members will be allowed to vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be their leader, whether a proper debate about what went wrong in May and what we need to do to put it right in five years time will be allowed to happen. Although many […]

The Left finds a voice

by Michael Meacher.

An extraordinary turn of events seems to be happening in the Labour leadership contest. The line-up appeared to be settling down with 4 names (though now just reduced to 3), but nobody from a recognisably Left position. Late in the day however – since nominations close at midday today (Monday) – Jeremy Corbyn entered the […]

CLPD recommends first preference backing for Jeremy Corbyn & Angela Eagle

by Jon Lansman.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) today announced that it will recommend a first preference vote for Jeremy Corbyn for leader and Angela Eagle for deputy if they are on the ballot paper. It will reconsider its preferences after the close of nominations and consider its position on subsequent preferences. CLPD is wholeheartedly backing […]

Jeremy Corbyn to stand as anti-austerity leadership candidate

by Jon Lansman.

Jeremy Corbyn this evening announced, following a meeting with Left MPs, that he is seeking nominations to stand as an anti-austerity candidate in Labour’s leadership election. There is considerable support in the party and trade unions for an anti-austerity candidate – about 5,000 people have signed the 38 degrees petition in support of one that followed an earlier […]

The return of Degsy – welcome or not

by Jon Lansman.

So Degsy’s back, for now. Deejays, aka Derek Hatton, was always a bit brash so re-joining Labour 30 or so years after being expelled would not be something he’d want to do quietly. So even though he says “I just want to be a party member…. I have no intention of being a main player. […]

Jon Trickett must stand for Leader says Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

by Jon Lansman.

Following its executive meeting this weekend, leading centre-left Labour grassroots organisation, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), has today called on Jon Trickett MP to stand for the Labour leadership, and has urged party and trade union activists to join the call. CLPD members have reported that there is widespread dismay amongst party activists at the uninspiring nature of […]

What if David Miliband had won …

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The polls were with Labour. The feedback on the doorstep was very encouraging. It looked like all the naysayers and the problems of the previous five years had been put to bed. Until that exit poll flashed up on the nation’s TV screens. It gave the Tories a clear lead, and one several seats away from […]

Peter Willsman’s report from Labour’s May executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee, 19 May 2015 The central focus of today’s meeting of Labour’s executive was how to explain Labour’s defeat. The outcome was the creation of a taskforce to analyse the reasons for the result in order to learn the lessons. Harriet Harman opened the meeting with her report which covered: fighting the Tories: an effective shadow cabinet front […]

So where does each Labour leadership candidate stand on austerity?

by Michael Meacher.

It really is distinctly premature to hold the first leadership hustings, with the usual banalities of a beauty competition, just 8 days after the heavy defeat when there has been next to no analysis of what went wrong, how it should be put right, what direction the country should now be taken, and why. Since […]

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