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The symbolic politics of England football: an imagined community of eleven people

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football explores what Monday’s announcement of the England Euro 2016 squad tells us about modern Englishness I was six at the time of England winning the World Cup in ’66. Despite it remaining somewhat of an obsession of mine – to declare an interest I’ve just edited the collection 1966 and […]

Labour would have done better without a campaign to undermine Jeremy

by Christine Shawcroft.

How many successful elections has Jeremy Corbyn got to preside over before his critics concede he may have something going for him? And when are they going to run out of excuses to explain away his results? Last summer, as people flocked to join his campaign in their tens of thousands, packing out his meetings […]

The ‘Super Thursday’ elections and their significance for Labour

by Peter Rowlands.

It would be foolhardy to suggest that Sadiq Khan’s enormous victory in the London mayoral elections meant that Labour would win in 2020, and no sensible commentator has done so, but Corbyn’s detractors have used selected information in a similar way to prove the opposite. They know they are being dishonest, but they don’t care […]

GMB condemns antisemitic abuse of centre-left candidate for Labour executive

by Newsdesk.

GMB Scotland today utterly condemned the vile antisemitic abuse suffered by their Glasgow Branch Secretary, Rhea Wolfson, who is standing for a position on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). A spate of deliberate attacks on social media by Nazi propagandists occurred following confirmation of Rhea’s candidacy and GMB Scotland have said they will […]

The canny politics of Ruth Davidson

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Most lefties have one or two favourite Tories. Me? I own a whole menagerie. Who can resist Nicholas Soames and his waspish tweets? Fabbers’ endless self-parodying? The plastic Thatcher tributes by Anna Soubry? And Rees-Mogg’s distillation of Tory toffism? Yet these colourful characters share a less appetising trait: they’re all irredeemable bastards. I might titter […]

Rhea Wolfson replaces Ken Livingstone on left slate for Labour’s executive

by Newsdesk.

Momentum, the  grassroots network that arose out of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign, has decided to support Rhea Wolfson’s bid for Labour’s national executive committee (NEC). Wolfson, Co-Chair of the Co-op Party Youth, joins Ann Black, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams, Christine Shawcroft, and Pete Willsman on the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) slate, which supports Jeremy Corbyn’s […]

A frenzied witch-hunt is not the way to combat antisemitism or any form of racism

by Jon Lansman.

Last week Jackie Walker, Vice-chair of Momentum‘s national steering group (of which I am chair) was suspended by the Labour Party pending investigation of remarks she made in a Facebook conversation. These were brought to the party’s attention by the Jewish Chronicle whose coverage does not describe them as antisemitic though it does claim in a […]

Education, the National Policy Forum and Labour policy

by David Pavett.

Meanwhile, back at the policy making process … There is very little informed debate in the Labour party about education. There is very little informed debate in the Labour party about anything. It is a Party with various groups and individuals pushing for their particular viewpoint but organising informed discussion in which all of these […]

Winning in the South: Jez we can.

by Andy Newman.

The election results from Bristol came in over the weekend, and it is worth reflecting the degree to which they demonstrate significant advance, particularly as Labour does need to win in the South of England. Simon Woolley has already observed the enormous significance of a mayor of Afro-Caribbean heritage being directly elected in a city […]

London: credit where credit Is due

by Seema Chandwani.

After a tough few months of juggling work, looking after my sister, doing the CLP website and social media for Sadiq’s campaign and of course door-knocking plus observing the most boring count ever – I took off the weekend to relax. But as a self-confessed Twitter addict, I could not resist to have a quick peek […]

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