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New polls put Jeremy Corbyn’s potential vote ahead of Ed Miliband’s 2015 result

by James Elliott.

Three new polls published over the weekend have shown Labour’s support climb to 31-2%, higher than the 30.4% Ed Miliband achieved in May 2015. Two polls, from Opinium and ORB, had Labour’s support on 32%, while a third from YouGov had the party on 31%. In all three polls, the party trailed the Tories by double […]

What’s happening to the Labour vote?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Some welcome news for a change. Well, welcome-ish. The Tories have a lead in the polls that no superlative can accurately capture. Yet something interesting is happening to the Labour vote. It’s firming up. That’s right, the highest polling since before last year’s referendum shambles and in advance of what Saint Ed got two years […]

Clause V Socialists: What’s in Labour’s draft manifesto?

by James Elliott.

The Leak Yesterday, from noon until around 4pm, Labour held its ‘Clause V’ meeting, where the NEC and Shadow Cabinet come together with other stakeholders to determine the final manifesto for the General Election. While the meeting was overshadowed by the leaking of a 43-page draft manifesto at around 9pm the night before, we learnt yesterday […]

Labour announces National Education Service to fund schools, colleges and university grants

by James Elliott.

Yesterday Labour announced a raft of pledges related to education, from primary schools to adult learning and covering just about everything in-between. Stating his intention to deliver a National Education Service, Jeremy Corbyn unveiled a set of policies that would begin to restore much of the funding lost under the Conservatives over the last seven years. Jeremy […]

Trade unionist Dan Carden selected in Liverpool Walton

by Newsdesk.

Unite staffer Dan Carden has been selected to replace Steve Rotheram as Labour’s candidate in Liverpool Walton, one of the party’s safest seats. Rotheram announced his intention to stand down as an MP after successfully winning the Liverpool Metropolitan Area Mayoral election on Friday. Seeing off competition from Liverpool City Mayor Joe Anderson and North […]

Emmanuel Macron and Neoliberalism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And breathe. Emmanuel Macron crushed Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential elections by 66.1% to 33.9%. But that is no cause for celebration. Le Pen’s rebranded fascism was found beguiling enough for a third of voters, which is double what daddy got when he broke through to the run off […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s special May executive

by Peter Willsman.

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s special executive National Executive Committee 3 May 2017 This meeting was called to agree the list of Labour candidates covering every Parliamentary seat in England, Scotland, and Wales. It was a very up-beat meeting. As always, Jeremy, Glenis, and Iain were in fine form. Leader’s Welcome Jeremy gave a ‘big […]

Why Britain needs a Labour government

by Andy Newman.

Britain faces a stark choice, a competent, compassionate Labour government committed to an economy that works for all, or a bumbling, arrogant Conservative government that serves only the rich few. But we cannot achieve a Labour government unless we vote for a Labour government. Although Prime Minister, Theresa May continually harps on about Strength and […]

Labour, the elections, and the polls

by Peter Rowlands.

There is a tendency on the left to dismiss opinion polls, partly, and fairly, because they have proved to be significantly inaccurate in the two most important votes of the last two years, the 2015 election and the 2016 EU Referendum, and partly, and usually misguidedly, that what they tell us can always be overcome. […]

The Tories’ campaign strategy

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And they’re off! This is less a two-horse race of LibDem leaflet fame, and more a thorough bred tearing up the track as the knackered and no-hopers settle into a canter. At least that’s how the Conservatives and their helpful friends in the press and broadcast media see it. And, understandably, they want to maintain […]

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