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Remembering and Reliving Cable Street, 80 Years On

by Rhea Wolfson.

Last night I had the privilege of commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street with my local Labour Party watching Dare Devil Rides to Jarama. The play follows the story of a young working class sportsman who is politically awakened through his realisation that those running the race tracks do so only for […]

Momentum’s birthday marks a successful year. But what happens next?

by James Elliott.

This weekend, Momentum celebrated its first birthday, bringing to an end a year in which the organisation has left a mark on British politics despite being continually undermined and smeared by the press, the government and frequently some in the Labour Party too.

Keir Starmer calls for single market membership but claims immigration should be “reduced”

by Newsdesk.

Labour’s new Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer set out the party’s approach to leaving the EU yesterday, stating Labour should seek to keep Britain in the single market but be “open to adjustments” when it comes to freedom of movement. Making his first appearance since being named Labour’s Shadow ‘Brexit’ Secretary, Keir Starmer set out Labour’s plans on […]

Tories forced into partial U-turn over foreign worker lists

by Newsdesk.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd was yesterday forced into a partial U-turn on her policy to “name and shame” businesses who employ large numbers of non-UK nationals by publishing lists of how many overseas workers were at their firms.

Corbyn makes changes to Shadow Cabinet

by James Elliott.

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn made some changes to his Shadow Cabinet, although most of the top positions remained unchanged. Here’s a run down of the decisions so far:

Theresa May speech slammed as ‘fanning the flames of xenophobia’ by Corbyn

by Newsdesk.

Theresa May’s speech to Tory Party Conference yesterday has been criticised as contributing to an increasing hatred of immigrants. Corbyn said:

We must unite to end Tory austerity

by Steve Turner.

In recent years, “Economic credibility” has laughingly been defined as an economic policy that has delivered neither sustainable economic growth nor improved living standards for the overwhelming majority of people. Indeed, the Tories’ austerity has even failed on their own very narrow definition of success of reducing the debt to GDP ratio.

Meet the new Chancellor, same as the old Chancellor

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

“Call me Philip” Hammond didn’t apply smug factor 50 before his speech to Tory party conference, but he didn’t need to. Beneath the boring exterior and the truly, truly awful jokes is a politician whose programme is little different to his unlamented predecessor’s. Yes, in tune with his boss’s whole nation conservatism, Hammond has woken up […]

Corbyn Rebooted?

by Mike Phipps.

Mike Phipps (Brent Central CLP) and Sue Lukes (Islington North CLP) suggest five priorities for the Labour leader following his re-election The 2016 campaign for re-election may have added new members to the Labour Party and helped popularise some of our key ideas, but ultimately it was always an unnecessary distraction. The reality is that […]

Theresa May: Brexit means Wrexit

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If politics is war by less violent, constitutional means, it follows that truth fares no better in the peaceful competition between interests. This is especially the case when politics is staking out new territory. If one can define what a problem or challenge is, your solutions, such as they are, have a certain credibility from […]

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