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On Paul Mason’s ‘Labour’s way ahead’

by David Pavett.

In his recent response on Owen Jones’ article ‘Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer‘, James Elliott, while critical of Jones’ approach, took his questions seriously and undertook to address them. He also referred to an essay by Paul Mason (Labour: the way ahead) which is discussed briefly in the notes below. Much ground […]

On narrow parliamentarianism

by David Pavett.

On Saturday 6th August the Guardian carried an article by house-journalist Jonathan Freedland entitled ‘Corbyn can’t dismiss the importance of MPs. On Brexit, they’re centre stage.’ The aim of the article was to expose the absurdity of the anti-Parliamentary stance of the “Corbynistas”. On the slightest examination, however, Freedland’s argument falls apart exposing the vapidity his […]

Corbyn piles up nominations as first TV debate takes place

by Newsdesk.

Last night saw the first of six TV debates between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. The challenger repeatedly tried to present himself as equally radical and principled as Corbyn, with phrases such as “good old-fashioned socialist policies”, and only choosing to differ his policy offer from Corbyn’s on the issue of Trident. This has been part […]

‘Picking sides’ – A short reply to Owen Jones

by James Elliott.

Electoral politics, especially in a two-horse race or First Past the Post system, is perhaps politics in its crudest form. They can lead us to uncritical cheerleading, to the politics of ‘lesser evilism’, and putting-up while shutting-up, rather than making nuanced arguments, offering critical support, or demanding policies that are not yet on the table. Resisting this […]

Splitting the Labour Party

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It was with wry amusement when I read in yesterday’s Telegraph that “senior figures” in the Labour Party (all anonymous, of course) are working through the possibility of usurping the front bench and laying legal claim to the party’s name and assets should Citizen Smith fail in his leadership bid. The paper says that they plan […]

The paranoid style of Corbyn’s critics

by David Osland.

The psychiatric wards of Brezhnev’s USSR were littered with dissidents held to be suffering from serious psychotic disorders, simply because their political opinions were not in line with those of the regime. We British are far too genteel to do that kind of thing. Our preferred modus operandi is media insinuation, as witnessed in Alastair […]

Labour’s £25 registered supporters system has left young people out

by Asher Mohammed.

The Labour Party is in a crisis. A political party which is no longer connected to the very people it is supposed to represent. In the midst of a civil war, Labour’s youngest members have yet again been sidelined, ignored and rejected. Don’t take it from me, talk to the thousands of under 19 labour […]

The Fight for the Labour Party

by Dan Iley-Williamson.

On the weekend following the EU referendum result, Labour’s then Shadow Foreign Secretary, Hilary Benn, called on fellow Shadow Cabinet members to support his demand for Corbyn to resign as Labour leader. When Benn admitted this to Corbyn, he was swiftly sacked. A carefully orchestrated 24 hours of Shadow Cabinet resignations then ensued, shortly followed […]

Corbyn will win a second contest, comfortably

by James Elliott.

YouGov’s latest polling in the Labour leadership election which gives Corbyn a twenty point lead on Owen Smith, combined with the news that 183,000 people have signed up as registered supporters to vote, should prove  to be enough confirmation to make predictions at this early stage. While affiliated supporters  can still be signed up through […]

‘You can’t pass motions; that’s political’ – A Report for Labour Students National Committee meeting, 19/07/16

by Michael Muir.

At this year’s Labour Students National Conference in Scarborough, delegates were promised, to quote from the manifesto of our new Chair, ‘a radical change’. Indeed-and much needed it was. Poor organisation made for a chaotic conference, whilst, time and again, BAME members of our organisation told of how they felt ignored and marginalised to the […]

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