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Corbynomics and balanced budgets

by Andy Newman.

It has been a stormingly successful two weeks for Jeremy Corbyn, and for the Labour Party. We have seen membership growth, not only more members, but a membership more representative of the broader population, younger and more gender balanced. We have a majority of women in the shadow cabinet for the first time ever, we […]

Can Mandelson actively advocating ousting the new leader remain a Labour member?

by Michael Meacher.

It is one thing for those who opposed the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader to make their concerns and objections known and to argue for them within the Big Tent which is the Labour Party. It is quite another thing, when a new leader has just been elected with 60% of the vote (higher […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the New World Order

by David Osland.

I pity the poor sod the Conservatives have tasked with trawling through vast back files of the Morning Star, Labour Briefing and Campaign Group News in the hope of digging up incriminating quotes from Jeremy Corbyn. You see, back in the 1980s and 1990s I not only used to stand outside tube stations and factory […]

The way forward for Labour (in response to Lord Mandelson)

by Bryan Gould.

We have the benefit – courtesy of the Guardian – of the advice offered by one of the Labour Party’s grandees as to the response that should be made to the calamity that has apparently now befallen the Party. That calamity is of course the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Lord Mandelson, we are told, has […]

Kill the Bill (the video)

by Keith Ewing and John Hendy.

A film by the Institute of Employment Rights, in which Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC talk about the Trade Union Reform Bill. In it, John Hendy QC says: This Bill is “an attack on the rights of unions having an industrial voice”. It also aims to exclude “unions from having a political voice” as well […]

The Liberal Democrats are totally stuffed

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A Tory and a LibDem standing on the edge of a cliff. Who do you push off first? The Tory, obvs: business always comes before pleasure. So goes the favourite gag of a former shadcab member. A number of longer-serving Labour activists might appreciate that, but the joke’s in danger of being a touch dated. […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s September executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 22 September 2015 Ann Black reports on Labour’s national executive committee meeting which took place this month. NEC meetings have their own familiar rituals, and though the world may have changed, the routine remained the same.  Members welcomed the return of Dennis Skinner, replacing John Healey who is now in the shadow cabinet, and […]

Emergency motion to Labour conference on Syria and ISIS

by Newsdesk.

Readers will be aware of the likelihood that David Cameron will seek House of Commons support to extend UK participation in the bombing of Iraq to Syria in the near future. In discussion between various organisations, the following model emergency motion has been drafted. This is clearly life and death issue for the people of Syria. […]

How to manage the anti-Corbyn media storm

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And you thought Ed Miliband had it bad. Driven by the press and then echoed by the broadcasters, the media assault on Jeremy Corbyn this week has perhaps been the most scurrilous, smeary, and desperate I have ever seen. In rough chronological order, we’ve seen denunciations of Jeremy’s refusal to sing God Save the Queen, […]

Enjoy #piggate, but don’t forget Lord Sewel

by David Osland.

Many politicians from US president and London mayors downwards have survived run-of-the-mill kiss and tell marital indiscretion. But necrophiliac bestiality on the part of a prime minister truly takes us into uncharted territory. At the very least, yesterday’s revelations concerning David Cameron’s youthful Oxford high jinks are going to dog him – if that’s the […]

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