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UKIP’s turn to the workers

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I don’t love UKIP. I don’t love to hate UKIP. I simply loathe them, despise them. UKIP is the Daily Mail in party form, a chamber pot spilling over with effluvia and poison. From climate change denialism to sexism, from ‘are-you-thinking-what-we’re-thinking’ wink-wink racism to stupid-minded selfishness, it is the new home for everything that is vile, everything […]

Anti-Roma attacks show need to resist rise of the far-right throughout European Union

by Jeremy Corbyn.

Last Monday saw the wonderful sight of Roma flags raised outside Downing Street, representing a small proportion of the 12 million Roma people who live within the European Union. The Roma suffer huge discrimination and abuse on differing levels in every country across Europe. They were the first victims of the nazis, who shipped them off […]

Labour still underperforms in selection of women and BAME council candidates

by Jon Lansman.

Figures reported to Labour’s national executive committee yesterday show that, whilst it may be doing better than other parties, it is still failing to ensure that its candidates for English local councils reflect their populations. With selections now having taken place in the vast majority of winnable seats, the proportion of women candidates is as […]

The far-right must be halted in its tracks

by Aaron Kiely.

Today is UN Anti-Racism Day. It is our chance to show that we can prevent fascism and racism scarring Europe’s future in the way it has scarred its past. We enter these European elections with fascist and extreme right parties likely to increase their seats. In France backing for Le Front Nationale is at an […]

Stand up to racism – support March 22nd rally

by Billy Hayes.

In the run-up to the European elections it is vital that the labour and progressive movement takes a stand against racism. The Tories are adapting to UKIP’s efforts to make immigration the central question in the election. Large sections of the media are only too happy to fuel and facilitate this agenda. Yet the whole […]

Intersectionality and Postmodern Feminism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We left the last post having worked through the basic conceptualisation of intersectionality. If you can’t be bothered to trudge through its thousand or so words, simply put it is the appreciation of how different oppressions rooted in ostensibly discrete sets of violent (symbolically and physically) social relations can intersect and condition the lives of whole groups of people. […]

What is “intersectionality” for? And where does it leave class?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Intersectionality is the study of intersections between different disenfranchised groups or groups of minorities; specifically, the study of the interactions of multiple systems of oppression or discrimination. Julie Burchill wrote this. Paris Lees rejoined with this. Burchill (paraphrased): “intersectionality is about scoring points off multiple oppressions”. Lees (paraphrased): “intersectionality is about respecting difference”. Who’s right? Both of […]

What’s behind the anti-immigrant vote in Switzerland?

by Tom Gill.

Translated by Tom Gill from the original in l’Humanité Since the Swiss / EU agreement on the free movement of people, a sense of unease has been growing in Switzerland, fuelled by the crisis and exacerbated by the demagoguery of the extreme nationalist right. The success of the anti-immigration initiative of the far-right Swiss People’s […]

Migrants need solidarity, not hostility

by Mike Phipps.

It’s always satisfying when a government minister is forced to resign on grounds of hypocrisy. This applies particularly to Immigration Minister Mark Harper, the man who brought us last summer’s “Go home or face arrest” vans in multicultural areas of London. He was forced to quit after admitting employing a cleaner without checking her documents […]

Sex, power play and Trotskyism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s one that has had seasoned left watchers stumped in bemusement. Back in the day, it was so different. As a general rule, most people exiting revolutionary outfits either returned to private life, or continued being active inside the labour movement. A small minority of comrades, however, would stick with the far left. The ultra-correct […]

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