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Intersectionality and Postmodern Feminism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We left the last post having worked through the basic conceptualisation of intersectionality. If you can’t be bothered to trudge through its thousand or so words, simply put it is the appreciation of how different oppressions rooted in ostensibly discrete sets of violent (symbolically and physically) social relations can intersect and condition the lives of whole groups of people. […]

It’s official: Young Labour can debate policy for two hours every two years

by Conrad Landin.

Who could possibly enjoy the feeling of I-told-you-so when the mess you’re faced with offends you as much as anyone, if not most of all? Certainly not me at the last Young Labour national committee meeting. Along with a minority of committee members, I had spent the previous two meetings warning that giving up any […]

Hungry for fast food rights

by Ian Hodson.

An upsurge of protests and strikes by fast food workers burst through at the end of 2013 in cities across the US, where more than half of the industry’s 3.65 million workers rely on benefits to top up their income, and 68 percent are the main breadwinner in their household. Fast food workers in New York City […]

Ofsted chief exposes grammar school myths, but most are happy with nostalgia

by Conrad Landin.

I cried yes, I would like to see all private schools and grammar schools closed down, and then told the man that sorry, the conversation would have to end, as I wanted to dance to Dusty Springfield. We had been arguing for what felt like half an hour. It had started off on another topic, […]

A feminist in support of OMOV for Labour Students elections

by Marian Craig.

This weekend, I was a first-time delegate to the national council of Labour Students, an organisation I have been a member of for two years. One of the main debates of the weekend was moving to a system of “one member one vote” (OMOV) for Labour Students elections. It is my intention to report the facts […]

When protests hit the news bulletins, the victim becomes the aggressor

by Sophie T. Rayworth.

Our media portrays a strikingly Orwellian picture of dissent. The images on our TV screens betray only immediate physical violence; memorably, that of students launching themselves at the Treasury in the autumn of 2010. The comparatively marginal violence of the weak, with their makeshift tools that are unable to touch the foundation of even the […]

The British state is rapidly alienating a whole new generation

by Conrad Landin.

Seven days ago, the Guardian revealed that Cambridgeshire Constabulary had attempted to infiltrate activist and student groups through the recruitment of informers. The news prompted outcry from students, academics and campaigners alike. If you haven’t yet seen the videos secretly recorded by the Guardian’s mole, they provide a fascinating insight into the inner workings of […]

Activists prepare for another day of action against student debt

by Keith Wright.

University campuses across the country will play host to another day of action against the privatisation of student debt, this Wednesday, 20th November. This follows numerous student actions on the 5th November “bonfire of austerity”, along with a week of action in late October which saw the offices of several Lib Dem MPs targeted. Students […]

Young Labour committee votes to discuss policy no more than every two years

by Conrad Landin.

At October’s Young Labour national committee meeting, committee members, including chair Simon Darvill and NEC rep Bex Bailey, voted to reject two motions as agenda items: on the grounds that it was not the committee’s place to pass substantive motions, and that this should be left to the biennial policy conference. This has a very […]

Roll back the State? No – We must roll back Austerity

by Katy Clark.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer was recently heralding a 0.8 per cent increase in gross domestic product as a recovery. Growth of any amount should not be attacked in the context of the longest recession since the Victorian era. However growth of this level is pitiful, and no sign that the government’s policies are working or that […]

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