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The state of the unions today

by Andy Newman.

There is no doubt that the election of a majority Conservative government in May was a considerable setback for working people. Under Ed Miliband, the Labour Party were proposing a number of positive reforms to employment law that would have improved rights at work, and tackled some of the more pernicious and exploitative aspects of […]

Paul Kenny – a hard act to follow

by Andy Newman.

The scenes at GMB Congress last week in Dublin were electrifyingly emotional when General Secretary, Paul Kenny, announced that there would be an election for General Secretary, but that he could not commit to another five years. The affection that activists hold for PK meant that when the news that many of us were expecting […]

Trade union shows how not to consult its members on London Mayoralty

by Jon Lansman.

So far the selection of the candidate for London Mayor has left much to be desired. A selection process was imposed on London that no section of the party in London wanted – not the trade unions, not the constituency parties, not the regional board of the party. Then the process was designed as if […]

New TUC polling on voter attitudes

by Andy Newman.

The TUC are today publishing vital polling information, which throws light on the areas where Labour needs to improve, if we are to win the next election. The polling was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner on behalf of the TUC, straight after the election. The findings are available as interactive graphs, allowing users to compare different […]

Chuka seeks to “weaponise” Swindon

by Andy Newman.

Chuka Umunna’s odd decision to launch his leadership bid with an embarrassingly amateur video filmed in Swindon may come back to haunt him. It is hard to disagree with Dan Hodges’s assessment at the Telegraph that: Formally announcing his candidature via a Facebook video filmed in the centre of Swindon, it was pretty obvious what Umunna […]

Public Inquiry needed – was backlisting extended into the NHS?

by Andy Newman.

GMB has revealed evidence  that there was a plan to extend blacklisting into NHS in 2005. There needs to be an inquiry whether this plan was put into effect. Blacklisting in the construction industry came to light when in 2009 the ICO seized The Consulting Association (TCA) database of 3,213 construction workers and environmental activists used by […]

If everything’s going so well George, why don’t we feel any better off?

by Michael Calderbank.

According to George Osborne, there is no cost of living crisis.  For the millionaire ex-public schoolboys around the cabinet table, with their friends in Notting Hill and the Square Mile, this is no doubt true. But millions of people across Britain know from experience that it’s been harder to make ends meet following the financial […]

Reflections on the Left Platform meeting

by David Pavett.

Few on the left can doubt the need for greater unity of the large number of left groups and unattached lefties. The organisation of the Left Platform meeting in London on 7th February was both a recognition of that need and an effort to do something about it. The event ran from 11.00 am to […]

Breakthrough trade union recognition with an “umbrella company”

by Andy Newman.

Ballot result: 383 YES, 8 NO, 2 spoilt, 76% turn out. GMB union members working at a Marks and Spencer distribution centre have voted that they wish to be represented by GMB for collective bargaining. Although the Distribution Centre is owned and 100% dedicated to M&S, they contract DHL (previously Wincanton) to run the Distribution […]

Blair wrong that centre ground wins elections: not this time

by Michael Meacher.

The latest polling shows that Blair and his acolytes have lost the argument over the direction for Labour policy. A YouGov poll of 1,655 participants reported this week that by a majority of more than 2:1 they were anti-austerity, anti-war and wanted less subservience to the US, and anti-big business and over-mighty corporations. But what was […]

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