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NHS: He who pays the Privateer’s Peer

by Solomon Hughes.

Former Labour Health Minister Lord Warner’s call for everyone to pay £10 a month fees to use the NHS got very wide press coverage. The Mail, Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent wrote 500-odd-word stories on Warner’s charge-for-the-NHS call. The Mirror, Sun and other tabloids chipped in with 200-word pieces on Warner’s fees, including his extra demand that […]

Zero-hours contracts – bad for workers, services and the economy

by Dave Watson.

The growing use of zero-hours contracts (ZHC) is primarily a conduit for the exploitation of working people.  The growth in casual employment is contributing to the growth in in-work poverty, damaging public services and the economy. Yesterday, I was giving evidence at the Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry into zero-hours contracts. My evidence was largely […]

Government chaos over flooding

by Andy Newman.

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, yesterday spoke to the BBC television news making it clear that plans to address flooding in the Somerset levels, including input from locals, had to be with him within six weeks. This is a ridiculous abrogation of the responsibilities of government, as the danger of flooding is not only well established in […]

Money as a social construct and public good

by Ann Pettifor.

“Everyone, except an economist, knows what ‘money’ means, and even an economist can describe it in the course of a chapter or so…”  - A.H. Quiggin Right now many of us are transfixed by a new kind of digital money that seems to escape the control of central bankers: Bitcoin and its new market challenger, Litecoin. […]

Blacklisted workers to take action on 20 November

by John Millington.

Protests will be held up and down the country and there will be lobby of Parliament in London. The TUC and unions are unhappy that companies who have blacklisted workers have still not been held to account for their illegal activities. They want a Leveson-style inquiry into the practice.

The Daily Mail isn’t fit for purpose

by Michael Meacher.

I suppose we must thank the Mail for exposing so starkly and vividly just what a despicable purveyor of poison it is, so consumed by bigotry and hatred of all things progressive in British life that it can so grossly misrepresent Ed Miliband’s father who fought for Britain in the war when the Mail sided […]

On Ian Aitken, “Red Ed”, being bold and winning elections

by Jon Lansman.

I haven’t always agreed with Ian Aitken, but the Guardian’s former political editor who’s 86 and still writes regularly has a cracking piece in this week’s Tribune (to which Left Futures readers would do well to subscribe). In it he reminds us of some earlier dark times when bold, radical promises were made at a Labour […]

Conference report: Housing and transport

by Gaye Johnson.

Before launching into a report of the Housing and Transport policy debates held on the morning of the 24th of September, two issues of Party democracy which arose before them should be mentioned. As usual the establishment Candidates swept the board in the Conference Arrangements Committee elections. The victors include Heidi Alexander and Tom Blenkinsop […]

Post-crash inequality has really hit the fan

by Michael Meacher.

It seems almost indecent to recount that the richest 400 Americans now own, staggering as it may seem, no less than£1.4 trillions, a collective fortune slightly bigger than the Russian economy. The latest figures also reveal that in the US 95% of the gains from the recovery have gone to the richest 1% of the […]

Ed Miliband proving himself “a brave and adroit leader”

by Andy Newman.

Peter Oborne’s article in the Telegraph about the political strength of Ed Miliband is very welcome. I do not agree with Oborne on the question of Miliband’s proposed reforms of the party’s relationship with the unions, but his article is a very useful corrective to the erroneous “common sense” that Ed is a weak leader […]

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