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The idiocy of Jeremy Hunt

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The arrogance and incompetence of the government was always going to catch them out. And in the unnecessary fight they picked with the British Medical Association, the Tories find their cruel cluelessness paraded in headlines and news bulletins. The decision by Jeremy Hunt, the sometime health secretary and full-time gimp, to impose a new contract […]

Top ten sports books for the new year

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football picks his favourite reads for the new sporting year Football’s European Championships featuring England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic plus the Rio OIympics will undoubtedly dominate the 2016 sporting summer while cycling’s World Track Cycling Championships coming to London in March will be a domestic highlight. But then every […]

Ex-Labour ex-MP Tom Harris raises the Confederate flag

by David Osland.

Sigmund Freud used the term ‘projection’ to describe what happens when human beings deny unpleasant impulses in themselves and attribute them to others instead. And to judge by the mindset of the Labour right at the moment, the cocaine-addled Viennese headshrink may have had a point. Corbyn wants to mount a ‘purge’, they repeatedly charge. […]

Andrew Fisher v the thought police

by David Osland.

OK OK, describing the Labour front bench as ‘the most abject collection of complete shite’ scarcely ranks among the more cogent critiques of social democracy known to the annals of political theory. Indeed, it’s not even possible to dress the words up as a bumbled attempt at blokey approbation. But to start booting party members […]

Corbymania and Momentum

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Not being totally on the ball, I missed last week’s announcement that supporters of Jeremy’s successful leadership bid had declared their own organisation: Momentum. And now I’m over my curmudgeonly curmudgeonness, I’m going to take this opportunity to welcome it as a good thing. It can go some way to addressing the “problem” of the […]

The state of the unions today

by Andy Newman.

There is no doubt that the election of a majority Conservative government in May was a considerable setback for working people. Under Ed Miliband, the Labour Party were proposing a number of positive reforms to employment law that would have improved rights at work, and tackled some of the more pernicious and exploitative aspects of […]

Paul Kenny – a hard act to follow

by Andy Newman.

The scenes at GMB Congress last week in Dublin were electrifyingly emotional when General Secretary, Paul Kenny, announced that there would be an election for General Secretary, but that he could not commit to another five years. The affection that activists hold for PK meant that when the news that many of us were expecting […]

Trade union shows how not to consult its members on London Mayoralty

by Jon Lansman.

So far the selection of the candidate for London Mayor has left much to be desired. A selection process was imposed on London that no section of the party in London wanted – not the trade unions, not the constituency parties, not the regional board of the party. Then the process was designed as if […]

New TUC polling on voter attitudes

by Andy Newman.

The TUC are today publishing vital polling information, which throws light on the areas where Labour needs to improve, if we are to win the next election. The polling was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner on behalf of the TUC, straight after the election. The findings are available as interactive graphs, allowing users to compare different […]

Chuka seeks to “weaponise” Swindon

by Andy Newman.

Chuka Umunna’s odd decision to launch his leadership bid with an embarrassingly amateur video filmed in Swindon may come back to haunt him. It is hard to disagree with Dan Hodges’s assessment at the Telegraph that: Formally announcing his candidature via a Facebook video filmed in the centre of Swindon, it was pretty obvious what Umunna […]

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