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Scotland: the villains of the piece

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I take no pleasure in seeing an enthusiastic mass movement thwarted when it came down to it, but there is a consolation for disappointed Yes people as they woke up this morning. The Scottish referendum has changed politics forever. In order to save the union, they almost had to kill it. The new constitutional settlement […]

Is the future “local”? The case of education

by David Pavett.

The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that Labour in 2014 has been entirely won over to the cause of the devolution of power. “Top-down” control is decried in favour of “bottom up” approaches, the regions/nations of the UK are to have much more control of their own affairs (the a panic quality of […]

Yes or no, Labour should offer a new federal vision of Britain, north & south of the border

by Jon Lansman.

The only thing about the vote on Scottish independence on which we can be pretty sure is that it will be close. I’d certainly prefer a no vote although I’m no more a unionist than a nationalist. I just question the very possibility of independence for Scotland in a sterling currency zone within the European union, […]

Young Labour should not be blocked from international events

by Dominic Curran.

Today young centre-left activists from all over the world will gather for the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) summer camp in Malta for a week of debate, discussion and socialising with comrades from all different walks of life. However Young Labour will be not be attending the occasion as party staff have once more […]

Podemos is Spain’s 3rd political force, and poll gives radical left 26% in total

by Tom Gill.

An opinion poll puts the radical new formation Podemos (We Can) in third position with 15% of people surveyed indicating backing for the party led by the ponytailed 35-year-old university lecturer Pablo Iglesias. Pollster CIS found that 15% of people supported Podemos, almost double the 8% the fourth-month old party garnered in the European elections, and ahead of the traditional […]

Iraq: the guilty should face the consequences

by Andy Newman.

Political commentary is a very different art from history. It is interesting to consider how Tony Blair’s reputation would have fared, were he to have followed the path of the French and German governments, and declined British participation in the USA’s almost certainly unlawful invasion of Iraq. Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, principal private secretary […]

NHS: He who pays the Privateer’s Peer

by Solomon Hughes.

Former Labour Health Minister Lord Warner’s call for everyone to pay £10 a month fees to use the NHS got very wide press coverage. The Mail, Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent wrote 500-odd-word stories on Warner’s charge-for-the-NHS call. The Mirror, Sun and other tabloids chipped in with 200-word pieces on Warner’s fees, including his extra demand that […]

Zero-hours contracts – bad for workers, services and the economy

by Dave Watson.

The growing use of zero-hours contracts (ZHC) is primarily a conduit for the exploitation of working people.  The growth in casual employment is contributing to the growth in in-work poverty, damaging public services and the economy. Yesterday, I was giving evidence at the Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry into zero-hours contracts. My evidence was largely […]

Government chaos over flooding

by Andy Newman.

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, yesterday spoke to the BBC television news making it clear that plans to address flooding in the Somerset levels, including input from locals, had to be with him within six weeks. This is a ridiculous abrogation of the responsibilities of government, as the danger of flooding is not only well established in […]

Money as a social construct and public good

by Ann Pettifor.

“Everyone, except an economist, knows what ‘money’ means, and even an economist can describe it in the course of a chapter or so…”  – A.H. Quiggin Right now many of us are transfixed by a new kind of digital money that seems to escape the control of central bankers: Bitcoin and its new market challenger, Litecoin. […]

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