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Pete Willsman reports from Labour’s emergency NEC meeting

by Peter Willsman.

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s emergency executive National Executive Committee 19 April 2017 Following Theresa May’s breaking of her word on Tuesday 18 April, the NEC swung into action and had a meeting on Wednesday 19 April. It was a very upbeat and business-like meeting. Everyone was totally focused. A lot of work has already […]

The theological significance of Corbyn the Messiah

by David Osland.

It is no small thing for jocular comparisons between the leader of the Labour Party and Jesus Christ to become a staple of Twitter diatribe and broadsheet political commentary alike. Yet the notion that Jeremy Corbyn is heralded by his supporters as ‘the Messiah’ is well on its way to hardened cliche status. Google it up. […]

The other trade union march

by Andy Newman.

Danny Glover, Bernie Sanders and NAACP president Cornell Brooks participated this weekend in a march with Nissan factory workers trying to unionize in Canton, Mississippi. It is worth watching the film below, and Brooks is particularly eloquent about why workplace rights are civil rights.

The Return of David Cameron

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

He’s been gone five minutes, and already he’s poised for a comeback. According to The Indy, David Cameron is Theresa May’s nomination for the next NATO general secretary. This, according to Michael Fallon, is part of a move that would deepen Britain’s commitment to the alliance to make up for Brexit. Presumably that would involve an extra […]

Prevent – Time for a major review and fundamental rethink

by Diane Abbott.

By Diane Abbott MP Increasingly, the evidence is suggesting that the Government’s Prevent Strategy – aimed at countering radicalisation and making us safer – doesn’t work on either count. In recent weeks it has become clear that this is also the case when it comes to tackling the worrying rise in far-right extremism. Commenting on the […]

We Were their Flowers in the Dustbin: 40 Years of Anarchy in the UK

by Mark Perryman.

40 years ago today The Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK was released. Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman remembers  For some of us of a certain age it still seems like yesterday. For others it is something to breathlessly boast to our children, or grandchildren, that yes, we were there. 26th November 1976, the Sex Pistols […]

Tim Roache calling on trade unionists to back Corbyn

by Andy Newman.

At this year’s Durham Miners’ Gala. GMB General Secretary, Tim Roache. “If we had had any of the other three candidates last year, we would have continued to lose all the millions of voters we have lost over the years. [Jeremy Corbyn] offers us an alternative, He offers us proud trade unionism. He offers us […]

Corbyn stays on the ballot, High Court rules

by Newsdesk.

The legal challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s right to be on the ballot automatically, from former Labour donor Michael Foster, was defeated in court yesterday. Justice Foskett ruled, in a 17-page judgment, that said the meaning, “seems to me to be entirely clear”, and that, “the Leader would not in that situation (where there is no […]

The bogus Bevanism of Owen Smith

by David Osland.

How deep the irony that invocation of Aneurin Bevan is all too often little more than a gesture of contentless radicalism, much in the manner of a faded Che Guevara poster ironically adorning the walls of an undergraduate hipster’s bedsit. To this day, Neil Kinnock’s curious penchant for upholding a one-time militant miners’ strike leader […]

The Labour Party kills satire

by Andy Newman.

Johnny Cash famously spent a night in jail in Starkville Mississippi for picking flowers. The Labour Party has recently achieved a similar level of ludicrous overreaction by suspending the award winning Irish poet, Kevin Higgins, for writing a satirical poem. Kevin is a renowned artist, whose work is discussed in Justin Quinn’s Cambridge Introduction to […]

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