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Anatomy of a Campaign: Interview with Alex Nunns, author of The Candidate

by Alex Nunns.

It has been an incredible few weeks for Jeremy Corbyn. Widely written-off by the political commentariat as a no-hoper when Theresa May called the snap election, he is now a prime minister in waiting, leader of the most popular party in Britain facing a weak and unstable government. The pace of political events make September […]

Corbynism and the middle class

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

You have your hot takes, and you have your duff takes. There’s little doubt which category Daniel Allington’s latest lazy missive on Corbynism and the Labour Party falls into. His piece looks at the some features of Labour’s electoral performance that should be a cause of concern: that ethnically homogeneous (white) working class voters with […]

The election is over – now the real work continues.

by Kate Landin.

And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations They’re quite aware of what they are going through… – David Bowie, Changes What have the last few days told us? Last year, during the second Labour leadership contest, I argued that we needed to give Jeremy […]

Who has eaten their humble pie?

by James Elliott.

Before this election, Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to such incredible levels of hostility from sections of the media that even David Dimbleby, along with a former chair of the BBC Trust, former BBC politics editor Nick Robinson and a BBC investigation into Laura Kuennsberg began to criticise his treatment by some journalists. The offices of […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s Clause V meeting, May 2017

by Peter Willsman.

For new members, I will just explain what the ‘Clause V’ meeting actually is. It has pride of place in our party’s Constitutional Rules – “Chapter 1, Clause V – Party Programme”. It is when the party’s Mandarins get together to produce the party’s General Election Manifesto. When not in government, the Clause V meeting […]

Understanding the local election results

by Mike Phipps.

It’s not over yet. What are we to make of the local elections? The headline losses for Labour speak for themselves, but there are some important points to note behind these. Although they never looked like losing it, Labour won the Manchseter mayoralty on a huge swing. While the usual doomsayers were quick to bemoan […]

Large gains for Conservatives as UKIP and Labour suffer losses

by Newsdesk.

Counting of the local election results got underway last night, and as of 9am this morning, Labour had won 91 seats, the Conservatives 454, Lib Dems 103, and the Greens 10. UKIP has lost every single seat it previously held. All of Wales has been counted and declared so far, while counting in Scotland and much […]

Britain goes to the polls in local elections

by Newsdesk.

Just over seven million voters in 88 local authorities are going to the polls today, in an election where 4,581 council seats are up for grabs, in addition to the election of ‘metro mayors’ in Greater Manchester, Liverpool and the West Midlands. Tees Valley, the West of England, Cambridge and Peterborough also have the chance to […]

The Scottish Tory Resurgence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

This general election is very interesting. Particularly Scotland. Last weekend, Survation for the Sunday Post had the Tories on 28% to the SNP’s 43%. This could net them eight seats at the nationalists’ expense. Panelbase for the Sunday Times has them down for 33%, or 12 seats. As this is a social science blog that […]

Pete Willsman reports from Labour’s emergency NEC meeting

by Peter Willsman.

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s emergency executive National Executive Committee 19 April 2017 Following Theresa May’s breaking of her word on Tuesday 18 April, the NEC swung into action and had a meeting on Wednesday 19 April. It was a very upbeat and business-like meeting. Everyone was totally focused. A lot of work has already […]

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