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Cameron is locked into body-swerve mode on Scottish independence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Back in the noughties, there was a Stoke-on-Trent councillor who faced a very strong challenge from the BNP for his seat. The fascists threw the kitchen sink at it, and Labour countered by ensuring they went door-to-door. It was touch-and-go but in the end the BNP did not win and the incumbent clung on. The […]

Dithering Dave and the Floods

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dithering, indecision, fighting shy of consequences, all these can kill a political career. Ask Gordon Brown about the election that never was. But for all his faults – and they are legion – Dave does a good job of affecting the prime ministerial. As a pointy-elbowed member of the ruling class with the born-to-rule training and public […]

The Coop group is in a mess: deal with it

by Richard Murphy.

I’m angry that the Co-op group is in a mess. As a member I have been let down. As a customer of the bank they’ve failed me. As a believer in the co-op approach to business I am disappointed that flagship co-op has failed so many other successful co-ops by its actions. I am annoyed […]

Prime Minister’s questions is now the pits and needs radical reform

by Michael Meacher.

I asked Cameron at PMQs yesterday a question showing that Osborne’s boasted ‘recovery’ was no such thing. Is the PM aware that, according to the Economist, Britain is now 159th lowest in the world in terms of business investment, just behind Mali, Paraguay and Guatemala? Could he therefore tell the House when, under his esteemed […]

Battle-lines for 2015: Tory permanent austerity v Labour decent affordable society

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron, surprisingly, has really let the cat out of the bag. In his speech to the Lord Mayor’s banquet (complete with champagne, roast duck and assorted fruit meringues) he let slip to his audience that the Tories would not restore public expenditure after the structural deficit had been eliminated, but would maintain austerity indefinitely (though […]

Cameron’s green levies hit poorest hardest

by Michael Meacher.

We should be thankful for the Big Six Ugly Sisters. Nobody makes the case better than they that private markets are often wholly uncompetitive, allowing a small dominant clique to gain a stranglehold and ruthlessly advance their own greed without regard either for the national interest (investing to keep the lights on) or for their […]

Abolish ATOS demands Skinner (video)

by Jon Lansman.

Dennis Skinner in his finest attack mode, trounces Cameron at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s questions, with the harrowing story of his constituent, a farmer and butcher from Bolsover, who was stripped of his benefit by ATOS, and then stripped of his sight, his hearing and finally his life by his cancer whilst waiting for an appeal.

Dave’s dilemmas

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

“What the hell can the Tories do about UKIP?” asks Iain Martin in this afternoon’sTelegraph. What indeed? Their poll ratings have calmed down since Farage-mania gripped the media back in May, but their consistent score of between 10-12% has them ahead of the hapless LibDems. And, unfortunately for the Tories, UKIP voters will not flock to […]

On Ed Miliband’s “weakness”

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Riddle me this. There is a man who ducks every serious fight, is running scared of backbench rebellions and right royally screwed up a pivotal moment of his political career at the very moment the world was watching. There is another man who launched himself into the front rank of politics by disregarding the ambition […]

Cameron gets it wrong on every count

by Michael Meacher.

The vote against the military strike by 285 votes to 272 is the most momentous Commons vote of at least the last 40 years. It upended a Prime Minister who only recalled Parliament 4 days before Parliament was due anyway to reconvene because he was sure the House could be persuaded to support a motion […]

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