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Cameron’s move on fat cats’ pay is just showbiz

by Michael Meacher.

First Cameron’s grandstanding: “We need to try give people a sense that we have a vision at the end of this of a fairer, better economy”. Then the idea: stop top people handing out hugely inflated salaries + bonuses + incentives + shares + share options to each other. Then the awareness that what has […]

Some basic demands the left must start to make

by James Bloodworth.

Ever since the inception of New Labour, the left in Britain has been characterised by timidity when faced with an electorate ready to embrace change. The reluctance to break with a right-wing status quo has not been confined solely to the British labour movement either, but has become a commonplace right across the contemporary European […]

#OccupyLSX is a peaceful protest and deserves a hearing

by Ken Livingstone.

This has been a peaceful protest, and it should be approached on that basis. City Hall has a duty to accommodate those who wish to protest in London and ensure their safety whilst ensuring the London does not grind to a halt. No one wants or expects there to be permanent camps – all protests […]

Labour – winning as the party of the bottom 99%

by Lee Brown.

The occupy movements across the world have already succeeded in focussing the debate on the huge disparities between the very wealthy and the “bottom 99%”. This slogan mainly reflects the immediate anger felt across society to how a crisis that originated in the financial sector is now driving down the majority’s living standards, through the […]

We shouldn’t cut taxes for the rich – we should raise them

by Owen Jones.

Yesterday, we learned that right-wing economists don’t like progressive taxation. Not a bombshell, you would think: but a letter signed by 20 economists (£) calling for the 50p tax band to be scrapped was deemed important enough to be the BBC’s main news story. If you’re wondering who’s behind this initiative, it’s being funded by […]

50p tax rate? Nowhere near enough

by David Osler.

The idea that the rest of us suffer because the super rich are subject to a nominal tax rate of 50p – and that’s the claim that 20 leading economists advance in the Financial Times this morning – is special pleading at its worst. What’s more, it is entirely intellectually spurious, too. For a start, in […]

Cutting 50p tax rate is unfair and unnecessary

by Michael Meacher.

One has to rub one’s eyes. Britain is smack on course for a double-dip recession, the collapse of consumer and business confidence is ubiquitous, the manufacturing PMI barometer is turning down more sharply even than after the Lehman Brothers collapse, the US housing and labour markets remain extremely fragile, the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis is […]

Make super-rich Brits pay their fair (very large) share

by Michael Meacher.

It’s remarkable that the hyper-rich in France (Bettencourt and others) and in the US (Warren Buffett and others) are now calling at a time of austerity that they should be taxed more. Not a peep however out of the hyper-rich in Britain. Yet they, more than any of such wealth anywhere else in the world […]

How AV can lead to the election of the least favoured candidate

by Jon Lansman.

According to Yes to Fairer Votes, Alternative Vote (AV) is “as simple as 1,2,3…. The principle behind AV is just as simple. An election winner should need the support of a majority of the people.” That sounds fair. So how is it that, under AV, you could end up with the least popular candidate? Not […]

‘Fairness’ is the issue, not ‘squeezed middle’

by Michael Meacher.

A new statistic just revealed: what should a chief executive earn? A Joseph Rowntree trust survey has found that two-thirds of the population believe that a CEO shouldn’t take home more than half a million a year (that’s 21 times the average national income). What they actually take home has also just been disclosed by Income […]

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