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Central bankers are taking over the EU

by Michael Meacher.

Though little remarked on, there is a very striking difference between the ruthless approach adopted by the European Central Bank (ECB) to indebted sovereign States compared to its treatment of banks. When Portuguese banks declared they would not any longer purchase bonds if Lisbon did not seek a bailout, the Prime Minister was forced to […]

Greek lessons for Britain

by Michael Meacher.

It is ironic that Osborne keeps proclaiming that his policies have prevented the UK being sucked down the path being taken by Greece. This may seem a curious point to make when it has just been announced that Greek debt is now expected to reach 189% of GDP next year, a level more than twice […]

Syriza: their time will come soon

by Bob Clay.

It is no surprise that the increasingly discredited and dwindling little band of Social Democrats and Euro-communists (otherwise known as PASOK and the Democratic Left), who have decided to lend their support to the salvation of a patently failed capitalist order, have declined the black limousines and red dispatch boxes or whatever is their Athenian […]

Cancel the Greek debt

by Michael Burke.

The Greek general election on June 17 presents a clear political choice on whether to continue with the ‘austerity’ measures imposed by the Troika of the ECB, EU and IMF which have caused a disastrous economic slump. Greek GDP fell by over 13 per cent between 2007 and 2011 and contracted sharply again in the […]

Syriza: a wake up call for the Left in Europe

by Bob Clay.

It was a little disappointing to read Dave Osler’s piece about Greece. The present situation is not just a judgment call for the Greek Left but for the Left in Britain and the rest of Europe. I have also been in Greece recently and although my time was spent in Crete rather than the hell […]

The stark choice facing the Greek people

by Ben Folley.

It is difficult to imagine the impact of austerity in Greecefrom here in the UK. Aside from the stark imagery of pensioners eating from bins, students forced into prostitution and children being abandoned in increasing numbers, the statistics make for uncomfortable reading. In February The Guardian reported that planned 15% wage cuts – on top of 30% already […]

Syriza: judgement call for the Greek left

by David Osler.

David Osler reports from Athens. Only four months ago, tens of thousands of marched on Syntagma Square to stress their rejection of externally-imposed austerity, and dozens of buildings burned to the ground as rioters battled it out with police on the streets of Athens. But the mood in the Greek capital this week is completely […]

Greece: Answering the critics of a united front against austerity

by Kate Hudson and Andrew Burgin.

Greece stands on a precipice. There can be no return to the old politics there and a revolutionary situation is emerging amid the chaos of everyday life. The classic conditions for revolution are present: a working class no longer prepared to live in the old way and a ruling class no longer able to rule […]

An open letter to the leaders of Europe: abandon the Euro’s ‘gold fetters’

by Ann Pettifor.

On May 15th, in what can only be described as an act of coercion, an impoverished and effectively insolvent Greece acceded to the handover of a bond payment – €436 million – to private financial ‘vulture funds’. The Greeks had little choice. However, in acquiescing to this handover – facilitated by its paymasters,‘the Troika’ – […]

IMF’s Lagarde has a …….nerve

by Michael Meacher.

One thing the Right is really good at is turning a blind eye as diaster steadily builds up and then blaming everyone else when it happens. Osborne is a past master at this, ignoring the riskiness of deregulated banks and then trying to make the victims pay (‘We’re all in it together’). But Lagarde at […]

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