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Investment, jobs, growth must be Labour’s policy, not austerity

by Michael Meacher.

Labour has had a successful party conference, Ed Miliband made a powerful speech with a strong commanding narrative of Labour’s objectives for government, but the only let-down was in the crucial area of economic policy. Ed Balls’ embrace of the the right-wing Tory orthodoxy of prolonged austerity until at least 2020 is as unbelievable as […]

Labour’s economic policy – a lingering attachment to austerity

by Peter Kenyon.

There was nothing subtle about economic policy under New Labour. ‘We are getting into bed with business‘. Fingers to the hoi polloi. ‘You’ve got nowhere else to go‘. People in their millions voted blindly for it in 1997. A significant proportion got wise by 2001 and placed their ‘X’ elsewhere or decided ‘None of the […]

Why does Labour stick to Tory austerity plans the stats show can’t be achieved?

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne’s boast that he would shrink the welfare state to its small scale in 1948 has been definitively scuppered by a report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). These official figures reveal that there are at least 6 major areas of public expenditure which are currently escalating rapidly and make it impossible to reconcile […]

How PM Matteo Renzi’s ‘Jobs Act’ will sink Italy

by Tom Gill.

Italy’s new PM, Matteo Renzi, has pledged to slash the country’s record unemployment with his American-branded ‘Jobs Act’. But his labour reforms, which will see short term job contracts extended for up to 3 years, are more of the same medicine applied since the turn of the 1990s that have been such bad news for […]

Who’s fooling who at the BBC about the rise of China?

by Michael Burke.

Robert Peston is the BBC’s new economics editor. He has opened his new role with a programme called ‘How China Fooled the World’. For a time it is available on BBC iPlayer and Peston’s own summary is here. In the blog and the programme Peston argues that China dodged the global economic crisis by increasing […]

Whatever Osborne says, employers still don’t believe in the recovery

by Michael Meacher.

The latest quarterly jobs figures reported by Manpower reveal the real truth about the economy. Not the gushing presentation offered by Osborne in his autumn statement, but what the men (nearly always men) with power and money really think. After the supposedly independent OBR upped its growth forecast for this year from 0.6 per cent […]

Britain’s economic ‘boom’

by Michael Burke.

As the British economic crisis becomes more prolonged the outbreak of stupidity that greets every new piece of important economic data becomes more generalised. Previously there has been a campaign to suggest that austerity has led to recovery when the opposite is the case. The recovery is based unsustainably on rising consumption, led by government consumption. […]

Have the Tories taken leave of their senses?

by Michael Meacher.

The Tories must be in panic mode. Cameron promises a land of opportunity after the election, but Osborne condemns the country to 12 years of austerity up to 2020 (and will even that date be shifted rightwards like so many previous forecasts of the end to austerity?). Osborne says he’s laying the foundations for sustainable […]

What this Labour conference should be about

by Michael Meacher.

The prime issue at Conference this year won’t be the union link, which may well be resolved by negotiation, but rather what is Labour’s core message. It has got to be setting out the alternative to prolonged austerity which will promote real and sustainable growth (not the shallow and over-hyped version currently on offer), cut […]

2013: a likely triple-dip and growth still a taboo

by Michael Meacher.

If the UK economy has contracted in the fourth quarter of 2012 when the once-only Olympic surge falls away and then again in the first quarter of the new year, then by the conventional definition Britain will have suffered an unprecedented triple-dip recession. It is likely then that Osborne’s treasured triple-A credit status will be […]

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