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With a 25% threshold, Labour would’ve had just 3 or 4 Leadership elections in 100 years

by Jon Lansman.

Mark Ferguson at Labour List reports today that “credible reports suggest that in future a leadership candidate will need to secure the support of 25% of MPs to get onto the ballot paper rather than the previous figure of 12.5%.” By my estimation (see below), had there always been a 25% threshold for valid nominations […]

The Blairite party-within-a-party recognises its lack of support at grassrooots level

by Jon Lansman.

Two months ago we questioned whether the Blairite party-within-a-party, Progress, would be able sustain its alliance with the more traditional Labour right-wing faction, Labour First, whose leading members are John Spellar MP and Luke Akehurst. The combination of a growing political gulf between the two organisations, especially over primaries and the role of trade unions […]

Do Labour whips really want to run its conference too?

by Jon Lansman.

The election for the two constituency party representatives on Labour’s conference arrangements committee (CAC) is hotting up. After the local elections, the two candidates backed by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance Katy Clark MP and Pete Willsman began campaigning in earnest. Katy has been MP for North Ayrshire and Arran since 2005 and Pete is […]

How votes work at Labour conference

by Peter Willsman.

Over the past few weeks, I have explored the motions that will come before conference, what’s happened since Refounding Labour, and the proposed changes to the party constitution from CLPs, which if passed will make the party more democratic. Today, I’ll be looking at the various votes held at annual conference – and they are […]

Election result for backbench MP reps on Labour executive

by Jon Lansman.

The result of the election of representatives of backbench members of Parliament and MEPs has been announced (though without voting figures). Sitting members Margaret Beckett and Dennis Skinner were returned together with Steve Rotherham, MP for Liverpool Walton and a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who replaces Michael Cashman MEP, former Eastenders star and current Chair […]

Party fixing: we’ve had enough HP sauce

by Jon Lansman.

Sighs of relief (as well as the odd celebration) spread this weekend amongst Labour activists following the announcement of the departure of one of Labour headquarter’s most notorious “fixers” during the New Labour years. It comes as no surprise that Hilary Perrin (HP), the London Regional Director, is to leave the party staff as she […]

Labour’s National Policy Forum: slight shift to Left

by Jon Lansman.

In the contest for places on the Labour’s national policy forum, there was a slight shift to the left, a net gain of one place. The Left did especially well in Yorkshire, gaining two places, plus one each in London, the East of England and the South West, plus an additional councillor. However, three places […]

Labour executive elections: Left 47%, Right 33%, Ind 20%

by Jon Lansman.

The results of the elections for constituency representatives on Labour’s national executive show no change in the political composition compared with the current membership, the only change being that Peter Wheeler replaced fellow right-wing slate member Luke Akehurst. However, since Johanna Baxter replaced Oona King immediately after the previous election, this represents one lost seat for […]

Not got your Labour ballot papers yet? Read this

by Jon Lansman.

Voting in Labour’s internal elections is due to close at 5pm on Wednesday 13 June. Ballot packs for these elections were distributed to members between Friday 25 May and Tuesday 29 May. Included among these packs were specific mailings for councillors which included an insert for the election of ALC representatives on the NEC. Most of […]

The policy forum candidates with convenient access to members’ details

by Conrad Landin.

Three days ago Joan Ryan’s own NPF plug was dispatched directly from a personal email address. It even reached some members who haven’t been on the London membership register for eight months or more.

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