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In defence of slates

by Conrad Landin.

It’s spring of an even year, and time therefore for an excess of self-promotion on social media. Why on earth, I hear you cry. Because in a few months time ballot papers will hit the doormats of two hundred thousand Labour members, for that most glamorous of glamorous elections: for members’ reps on Labour’s national […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s March executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 25 March 2014 The NEC stood in silence to pay tribute to Tony Benn and other comrades, including Bob Crow whose untimely death had shocked and saddened us all. David Sparks then reported on a successful local government conference. He shared NEC concerns about the effect of continuing pay restraint on staff and the services they […]

Christine Shawcroft reports back on Labour’s March executive

by Christine Shawcroft.

Report of the national executive committee (NEC) meeting held on 25 March 2014 We usually have obituaries at NEC meetings, mostly of people I never knew, but this time it was for someone who I knew very well. The Chair asked if anyone wanted to add anything to Tony Benn’s printed obituary, but we’ve all said […]

Bogus consultation and stage management. So much for transparency

by Peter Willsman.

In the furore over Collins, there have been three main areas of concern. There is concern over the actual proposals and their implications – those have been addressed on this site by Jon Lansman. I would like to address the second and third of these areas of concern – the way the proposals are being […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s February special executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 4 February 2014 This meeting was called to agree the proposals for party reform which will go to the special conference on 1 March.  The paper before us was labelled Draft 18, and someday I would love to follow its evolution through the previous 17 drafts.  The final version, after amendment by […]

After Collins: how will the unions respond?

by Andy Newman.

There is certainly a plausible argument that Ed Miliband has been one of the most effective leaders of the opposition in modern British history, demonstrating an ability to set the political agenda that exceeds what either Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair achieved from the opposition benches. Miliband has stood up to the power of the […]

The Blairite party-within-a-party recognises its lack of support at grassrooots level

by Jon Lansman.

Two months ago we questioned whether the Blairite party-within-a-party, Progress, would be able sustain its alliance with the more traditional Labour right-wing faction, Labour First, whose leading members are John Spellar MP and Luke Akehurst. The combination of a growing political gulf between the two organisations, especially over primaries and the role of trade unions […]

Labour at the crossroads: what the members think

by Ann Black.

Consultation on Ray Collins’ interim report closed at Christmas. Since then, media stories suggest that any reforms will be negotiated between the leader and the unions, with members and their representatives sidelined – not exactly the new politics which Ed Miliband promised. Contributors were told by e-mail that the feedback which Lord Collins receives will […]

Another by-election stitch-up in Wythenshawe?

by Jon Lansman.

Paul Goggins, former MP for the safe Labour seat of Wythenshawe and Sale East, was buried three days ago, tragically dying a few days after collapsing whilst out jogging. Today at 9am, applications opened for his successor with an announcement on Labour’s Membersnet. The deadline for applications at 10am tomorrow, longlisting on Wednesday and all over […]

Centre Left candidates for Labour’s executive launch their campaign

by Jon Lansman.

Six candidates backed by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance today launched their campaign to be elected to Labour’s national executive committee as constituency party representatives. Constituency parties have until 20 June to make up to six nominations. All six stood at the last elections in 2012, and between them received 47% of the votes of […]

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