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A slow-burning revolution is starting to overturn neo-classical economic orthodoxy

by Bryan Gould.

As the world struggles to deal with threatening outbreaks of violence – most dangerously, in the Middle East and the Ukraine – another less dramatic and slower-burning revolution is getting under way. This revolution does not threaten violence – but it does promise change, and almost certainly change for the better. The revolution that is […]

To reinvent our economy we need to reframe the debate

by Dave Watson.

The left needs to reframe the debate by imagining a different way of running our economy. In his Guardian column last week, Oliver Burkeman commented on the reclining airline seats ‘war’ by saying, “Stop arguing. Capitalism already won this stupid war“. It’s not the fairness of reclining or not, it’s because airlines cram so many […]

Blairites, Valls and Renzi, offer little hope for Eurozone

by Michael Meacher.

Valls and Renzi, the new prime ministers of France and Italy respectively, have made clear their respect for Blair and their intention to follow his example. That’s bad news for the Eurozone and for the EU in general. Blairism is not an economic ideology, but rather a style of leadership that is far more about […]

The Europe we want

by Alexis Tsipras.

The continuing economic crisis has revealed both the inadequacies and the limits of the process of neoliberal European integration. It is an integration centered on financial liberalization and a monetary union, which is itself enveloped by a mere replica of the German Bundesbank under the title European Central Bank.  It is a recession-bias process that […]

When will Labour tackle market failure and revive the role of the State?

by Michael Meacher.

The roll call of shame and disgrace about the record of the private banks, privatised utilities and outsourcing companies has now reached such a pitch that surely Labour must now challenge the whole culture of ‘the market knows best’ and in the extreme form of the neoliberal ideology that ‘government should get out of the […]

Common-sense socialism – the way forward?

by Mark Perryman.

As the Party Conference season draws to a close, the disconnect between the politics of the Westminster bubble and the rest of us couldn’t be more obvious. Besuited figures, mostly men, addressing other besuited figures, mostly men, given huge chunks of airtime. All while party membership figures plummet and the great unsayable for the political […]

Do you speak neoliberalism?

by Mark Perryman.

The latest installment of the hugely ambitious After Neoliberalism Manifesto from the politics and culture journal Soundings has just been published. Geographer Doreen Massey is the author. In her contribution she makes a key argument that has an increasing currency on the Outside Left, that to construct a radical politics a vital starting point is […]

Why the US-UK economic model fails the test on almost all counts

by Michael Meacher.

Whilst the City of London, the Stock Exchange and super-rich investors strive continually to assure us that growth is returning and that we can all soon return to business-as-usual as though the biggest financial crash for a century was just an unfortuante blip rather than integral to the core system, they never ask the really […]

2013: the year to commit to roll back the failed privatisation juggernaut

by Michael Meacher.

Britain has been de-industrialised over the last 30 years, but beyond a decimated manufacturing capacity there are also services essential for an efficient productive economy. These include transport, energy and communications as well as education, health and housing. All of these have been, or are being, privatised and the results have been devastating.

Pushing even harder on a piece of string is not an economic policy

by Michael Meacher.

The wild euphoria attending the appointment of Mark Carney as the new Governor of the Bank of England will soon be put to the test. In principle his ‘big idea’ of targeting nominal gross domestic product (i.e. real growth on top of inflation rather than inflation alone) is good insofar as it gets away from the inflation […]

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