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Labour members’ incomprehensible non-involvement in the policy process

by David Pavett.

Normally we expect people who make the effort of writing their thoughts down to be giving us the benefit of their efforts to understand something. The purpose of this note is to describe something which I do not understand. I do not understand the almost complete non-response of the media, Labour-supporting websites and Labour Party […]

Policy making: tangled up in blue (Labour)

by Jon Lansman.

On Friday, Angela Eagle claimed that “the way that we make policy in the Labour Party is changing“. But for delegates to Labour’s national policy forum in Birmingham this weekend, the jury is out on whether the times they are a-changing, or the policy process just ain’t going nowhere. Certainly, Angela’s words are carefully chosen. […]

Did the two Eds last week expose Labour’s policy process as a sham?

by Jon Lansman.

Last week the two Eds made speeches which deal with key aspects of Labour’s economic strategy. There may have been differing views within the party of the content of these speeches including on Left Futures, not least because they have been spun in different ways to different audiences.  But that isn’t the only aspect which […]

Ed has one chance left to breathe life into the party’s policy process

by Jon Lansman.

What makes a good policy process? A process that produces good policies, of course. Policies that are radical, innovative, resonate with our target voters and are up to dealing with the problems Labour will inherit. And Ed Miliband promised, through Refounding Labour, to give it to us – “to draw on the whole of our […]

The People’s Policy Forum: a different sort of politics? Only if the people engage…

by Mick Archer.

Mick Archer was at the People’s Policy Forum in Birmingham last Saturday. “This is the time, this is the day we’ve been waiting for…” The chorus of Shine by Shannon Noll fades and Ed Miliband strides confidently on to the stage. Around him sit 1,000 people who have braved snow and sub-zero temperatures to hear […]

Opening up Labour’s policy process

by Jon Lansman.

On the face of it, Labour’s new all-singing all-dancing policy process is open for business. We’re pleased but it’s got a long way to go before we’ll see if it will make a difference. Will policy-making really become less top down? Will party members, constituency parties, and affiliates really have some influence or will the […]

The state of party conference: fixing, stage management and interior decoration

by Jon Lansman.

Labour conference last week was as frustrating as ever. Stage management is thriving: new decor, billowing flags, ever changing sofa arrangements. Orchestrated panel discussions on the sofa and lectures from American philosophers still take precedence over delegates. Much effort is still made to control what gets onto the agenda, and who gets to speak. It […]

Ed fails to deliver on his promise of empowering members

by Jon Lansman.

At Labour’s national executive yesterday, Ed Miliband failed to deliver on his leadership campaign promise to give members more say in policy making. The final package of Refounding Labour measures they have agreed is shrouded in the language of empowering members, as were those introduced by Tony Blair in 1997 and Gordon Brown in 2007. The reality, […]

A glimmer of reason in Labour’s policy on Trident?

by Kate Hudson.

Questioning Trident has been a big taboo in Labour Party policy circles for a couple of decades or so. Every other commitment seems to have been reviewed except the ‘need’ for a nuclear ‘deterrent’. The reluctance to question this particular piece of weaponry was beginning to seem irrational. So it’s good to see from Jon […]

Labour’s policy statements published in secret, members’ opinions suppressed

by Jon Lansman.

The posting, sometime in the past couple of weeks, of the national policy forum annual report on membersnet, Labour members’ private intranet, reveals that little has yet changed in the way Labour makes its policy since the bad old days of New Labour. No press release, no email to members, no reason why anyone would […]

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