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Collins Review: Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole. Labour remains in hole

by Jon Lansman.

When I read the email from Ed Miliband to all party members yesterday afternoon, I thought Left Futures should run a competition with a prize for the first person who could identify ‘Paul’, the possibly mythical figure who it is said has joined the Labour Party because of the ‘reforms’ now backed by Labour’s national executive: I […]

Collins says “consensus is that change is necessary”. Prove it, publish the responses

by Jon Lansman.

Ray Collins, who is leading Labour’s inquiry into the relationship between the party and its affiliated trade unions, clearly takes criticism on board.  Within hours of criticism from LabourList that party members were being left out of the consultation process, he circulated an email to party members thanking them for “hundreds of written submissions” which […]

The battle for the soul of the Labour Party (part 47 – the unions are sold a dummy)

by Jon Lansman.

Sometimes, news stories simply distract the reader from what is really happening. Yesterdays ‘news’ on the Collins review of the Labour Party — trade union link is that Ed Miliband’s reform plans are faltering: there’s a hiccup in the negotiations between Paul Kenny on behalf of the affiliated unions and the Leader’s office, but it’s about […]

Labour’s internal democracy is in a woeful state and Ed must take responsibility

by Jon Lansman.

The announcements last weekend that Labour will be tougher than the Tories on benefits and that it will support free schools run by parents will have distressed most Labour party members, not to mention a significant number of Labour MPs, frontbenchers and backbenchers, who were also not consulted about the announcements. But coming so soon after Labour’s […]

Labour’s reshuffle – and what it means for party reform

by Jon Lansman.

It may not be something to which most commentators (with the exception of Labour Uncut) have devoted space but the Labour Left and the trade unions will be pleased that Jon Trickett has been appointed as Labour’s “deputy chair”, job title notwithstanding (the real chair and vice-chair of the Labour Party are elected annually by Labour’s national […]

Christine Shawcroft reports back on Labour’s September executive

by Christine Shawcroft.

Report of the national executive committee (NEC) meeting held on 17 September 2013 The NEC before Conference is usually dominated by conference arrangements, arguing about constitutional amendments, and so on, but this meeting was overshadowed by the Collins review of party “reform”. Not that anyone’s seen it yet. What I find hard to take is the […]

Labour MPs have chance to decide policy on Syria

by Jon Lansman.

An emergency meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) has been called at 12:30pm tomorrow to discuss Syria following an appeal to its Chair, David Watts, by Michael Meacher MP “in order that the range and depth of feeling in the PLP can be registered before any final decisions are taken both as to the […]

The Collins inquiry (part 2): what role trade unions should play within Labour

by Keith Ewing.

The Collins review into the Labour party – trade union link has two fundamental questions to consider. The first is whether trade unions should continue the practice of collective affiliation, and if so on what terms. The other is what role trade unions and their members should play within the Labour party. Yesterday I suggested […]

The Collins inquiry (part 1): Weighing up the options

by Keith Ewing.

This is part one of two on the Collins review into the Labour Party-trade union link. Ed Miliband’s plans to dilute the role of trade unions in the Labour Party are already encountering strong resistance from activists. Senior trade unionists have spoken out against the proposals and a campaign has recently been launched to Defend […]

So who decides if Labour should enter a coalition government?

by Jon Lansman.

The Tories, we are told, think it is “only sensible” to prepare for a possible hung parliament, and plan to ballot their MPs on any deal so they have to “dip their hands in the blood” and will be less likely to rock the boat second time round. Paul Goodman, Conservative Home Editor and ex-MP, may think the […]

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