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Letter to good comrades: please nominate Jeremy and give us the debate we need

by Ben Sellers.

An open letter addressed to Ian Lavery MP (Wansbeck), Dave Anderson MP (Blaydon) and Ian Mearns MP (Gateshead) Dear Ian, Dave and Ian, Yesterday, I spent a couple of precious hours writing a politely worded, standard letter requesting that Labour MPs open up the Labour leadership race for the debate we really need by nominating Jeremy Corbyn […]

Why, across the UK, we need Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper

by Neil Findlay.

The Labour Party in Scotland and the UK is hurting and hurting badly. Now is the time for our members, supporters, trade unions and affiliated organisations and wider society to engage in a major debate about the future of the party, what we stand for and Labour’s  place in our democracy: How do we address […]

On the responsibities of Left MPs in Labour’s leadership election

by Jon Lansman.

The entry of Jeremy Corbyn into Labour’s leadership election at last makes it possible to force all candidates to address the widespread opposition amongst party and trade union activists and councillors to austerity. The continuous stream of pronouncements by Andy Burnham to appeal to the Labour right has undermined his credibility as a “left” candidate – the image […]

Trade union shows how not to consult its members on London Mayoralty

by Jon Lansman.

So far the selection of the candidate for London Mayor has left much to be desired. A selection process was imposed on London that no section of the party in London wanted – not the trade unions, not the constituency parties, not the regional board of the party. Then the process was designed as if […]

How grassroots activists can influence ‘what’s next for Labour?’

by David Pavett.

Reviewing what went wrong is a priority for all Labour members. Here David Pavett reports on how one constituency party approached the discussion One hundred and sixty (that’s the official count, I think there were more) people participated in a meeting titled What Next for Labour? in the hall attached to the George IV pub in […]

What’s the best we can expect from the next leader? More deaf ears to party members?

by David Pavett.

It is difficult to discern from a lot of the discussion on the left just what is at stake in the leadership election. There is discussion about whether Andy Burnham is to the right or left of Miliband and of how dreadfully right-wing most of the candidates and potential candidates are. Some are waiting for […]

The left should place its trust in democracy – not in leadership candidates

by Jon Lansman.

After the catastrophic defeat by the SNP in Scotland and the extremely disappointing results in England and Wales, Labour needed a period of debate and reflection about what went wrong and what to do about it. What we have instead is a leadership (and deputy leadership) election. Do not expect an election to provide the […]

Does Labour’s leader have to be prime minister designate?

by Daniel Blaney.

In less than two years time we will have a new US President. We don’t even know who the candidates are yet. We can speculate but we don’t know.  We also don’t know who will run for French President in 2017 or German Chancellor the same year. In Britain, Labour has just had a shock […]

Benn’s Bandwagon – behind the scenes in 1981 deputy leadership campaign (video)

by Jon Lansman.

A really good documentary first shown on 28 April 1981, in the second month of the contest and at the point when it began to dawn on the pundits that Tony Benn was going to come close to winning. Frank Chapple, leader of the hard right electricians union says on camera that if Benn won the TGWU […]

There are better things to be doing than playing the patriot game

by Stephen Low.

“To these ends we work for the patriotic interest of the people of Scotland” runs part of a suggested new aims and values statement (Clause 4 – renumbered from Clause 2 for marketing purposes) that we are being asked to endorse at Scottish Conference in March. As a party and a movement we can do […]

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