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Why Scottish Labour needs a new vision for 2016

by Dave Watson.

Scottish Labour’s electoral recovery continues with last week’s Scottish Parliament by-election win in Cowdenbeath. However, in 2016 the party will need to develop a new narrative and polices to attract the voters it needs to form a government. In 2011, Scottish Labour suffered a major electoral defeat and the hands of the SNP who mobilised […]

Labour, social security and triangulation

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dan Hodges wrote earlier that Labour should shut up about benefits. I couldn’t agree more, though I expect it is for very different reasons. Dan is of the old amoral Blairite school that thinks cutting deeply into the social security budget will pave the road to electoral victory with gold. If Labour are going to talk welfare, […]

Class politics, Miliband-style

by David Osland.

If I was asked to name one single issue as ‘the greatest challenge’ facing our generation, then restoring the privileges of Crouch End yummy mummies and all those financial services blokes jam packed into the 08:12 from St Albans probably wouldn’t be it. But such is the contention of Ed Miliband, who told the Daily Telegraph […]

Has Labour freed itself from fear? It can’t be courageous if it doesn’t

by Richard Murphy.

Even Labour’s own supporters are saying it’s time for them to deliver some policies. I agree. And I’m not asking for the sort of thing that promises a VAT reduction on replacement windows. I’m asking for substance. Substance is a tough ask. The Guardian is interpreting it as relating to economics and of course it does, but only, I’d suggest […]

In the Belly of the Beast

by Newsdesk.

The 2014 issue of journal Socialist Register is the 50th since the journal was founded by Ralph Miliband – together with John Saville – in 1964. Tomorrow will see a discussion in Parliament, chaired by John McDonnell MP, on the legacy and ongoing relevance of the political project he initiated (see details below) The concern […]

Stupid empiricism and the Conservative Party

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The Crosbyisation of politics. A phrase that hardly rolls off the tongue and is, therefore, unlikely to remain a fixture of the British political lexicon for long. But what it describes is true enough. Between now and May 2015, everything conceivable will be hauled out from their dirty tricks box and thrown in Labour’s path. So much […]

Report of Class Conference 2013

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What is it about train journeys to and from London that are so tiring? No matter. Your humble scribe made the trek down the track for the first annual conference of the Centre for Labour And Social Studies. That’s Class to you and me. And, as you might expect, there was a smorgasbord of left, trade union […]

Fight on a Labour agenda and we will win

by Peter Willsman.

Conference this week has been upbeat: the platform concentrated on attacking the Coalition, which delegates have shown they want more of. Ed Miliband’s Leader’s speech was well received with the media acknowledging he is likely to be the next Prime Minister. A series of progressive policies have been announced which will also strengthen our support. Scrapping the bedroom tax, increasing free childcare hours, ending bad zero hours […]

Review: The Socialist Way edited by Roy Hattersley and Kevin Hickson

by Bryan Gould.

This stimulating and thoughtful collection of essays from across the Labour movement is long overdue.  Throughout what must now be regarded as the New Labour years of wasted opportunity, criticism of the performance of a Labour government was understandably muted.  Now, it seems, a clear judgment of the past and a clear signpost to the […]

Labour leaders and intellectual self-confidence

by Bryan Gould.

The outstanding feature of the political scene over recent decades has been the catastrophic loss of the left’s intellectual self-confidence. It has been particularly marked in the UK and reached its most extreme form with New Labour; as I observed at the time, the short three-letter word with a capital ‘N’ was meant to convey […]

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