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Just around the corner in the Labour civil war

by David Osland.

For me personally, much of Bennite politics boiled down to attending endless internal caucuses designed to scupper Cllr Bloggs’ appointment to Tower Hamlets allotments subcommittee, on account of his insufficient solidarity with the Nicaraguan revolution. I gather things got even more vicious the nearer you got to the top, although given the intensity of our […]

What if Jeremy Corbyn wins? What then?

by David Pavett.

The likely election of Jeremy Corbyn is an exciting prospect. The thought of a break with the years of dull mental acquiescence to the dominant ideology cannot but give immense pleasure to all us lefties. But when the wave of nice thoughts has subsided I am left with a more sombre thought: are we up […]

Continuing the Corbyn momentum – relaunching the Labour Left

by James McAsh and Rida Vaquas.

On 12 September we will find out whether Jeremy Corbyn is the next leader of the Labour Party. There is, of course, an increased reluctance to accept opinion polls at face value, so any optimism is still cautious. But whatever the result it is already clear that the Labour Party has changed. There has been […]

Gordon Brown and power

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Has Gordon Brown reached down from heaven and, like the vengeful Presbyterian God, smited Jeremy Corbyn with his great clunking fist? Well, no. The much-trailed Power with a Purpose speech wasn’t the knock out some were hoping for, as if a talk could derail the Jeremy juggernaut anyway. Instead we had a thoughtful, nuanced and […]

The Labour leadership candidates should turn to Barbara Castle

by Calum Sherwood.

As the Labour leadership election picks up pace, and some of the dividing lines between the candidates are beginning to emerge, I feel that it is becoming increasingly necessary for the some of the so-called frontrunners to revisit the career of Barbara Castle. One of the most esteemed figures from Labour’s history, Castle proved that […]

Today MPs will determine whether party members get real choice and real debate

by Jon Lansman.

Shortly after midday today we will learn whether Labour MPs have determined whether the party’s 200,000 plus members will be allowed to vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be their leader, whether a proper debate about what went wrong in May and what we need to do to put it right in five years time will be allowed to happen. Although many […]

A Lab-Lib Dem merger? A very, very bad idea

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

One question that comes up time and again from punters on the doorstep to far left activists is “why can’t you all just unite?” (although, ironically, Left Unity has ruled out unity with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition for next year’s London Assembly elections). Of course, there are Very Important Reasons why myriad groups in the revolutionary […]

Labour needs its leader and candidates to offer an alternative to austerity

by Barry Gray.

A fundamental weakness of Labour’s recent general election campaign was the failure to offer voters hope of a return to prosperity. Shackled to the Coalition’s economic framework, the core of which is slashing the public sector, Labour’s small progressive proposals were drowned out by the overwhelming commitment to austerity. Focusing on a promise to introduce […]

Jeremy Corbyn makes his pitch for the Labour leadership on Newsnight

by Newsdesk.

Jeremy Corbyn makes his pitch on Newsnight, interviewed by Evan Davis, answering a wide range of questions: how Labour can win, why austerity lite lost us votes and drove people to UKIP, Green and SNP candidates, what he thinks about the monarchy and why he talked to Sinn Fein.

What is Scottish Labour for?

by Dave Watson.

As Scottish Labour regroups after the General Election, the temptation will be to focus on organisation and structure. Important though these are, the real question the party has to ask itself is – what is Scottish Labour for? After the 2007 and 2011 Scottish Parliament elections, Scottish Labour held reviews that gave detailed consideration to […]

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