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Aberavon selection: anyone but a working class candidate?

by Keith Wright.

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, we questioned whether Stephen Kinnock, who sent his daughter to a Danish private school, was a suitable potential Labour MP. Since then, we’ve heard that Kinnock now stands little chance of winning the Aberavon constituency selection. His all-star strategy has backfired. Paying to opt-out of state education hasn’t […]

The Blairite party-within-a-party recognises its lack of support at grassrooots level

by Jon Lansman.

Two months ago we questioned whether the Blairite party-within-a-party, Progress, would be able sustain its alliance with the more traditional Labour right-wing faction, Labour First, whose leading members are John Spellar MP and Luke Akehurst. The combination of a growing political gulf between the two organisations, especially over primaries and the role of trade unions […]

So when will the Labour Party apologise to Stevie Deans?

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday, the Scottish police confirmed that they had found “no evidence of any criminality” in their inquiry into the activities of Stevie Deans, who was until three months ago full-time convenor at the Ineos plant at Grangemouth (where he’d worked for 25 years) and Chair of Unite in Scotland as well as the sometime Chair […]

Labour Students no longer bothers to pretend it’s not just Progress’ youth wing

by Michael Wood.

Last weekend (16-17th November 2013), the National Organisation of Labour Students (NOLS) organised in Manchester their political weekend. Over the course of the weekend, the Blairite clique that dominates Labour Students ruthlessly reaffirmed their hegemony. But they were met with a surprising consensus for greater dialogue and plurality within the organisation and its events. The […]

Will the Labour Right maintain its unholy alliance in internal elections?

by Jon Lansman.

Today saw nominations close for Progress members wishing to stand for Labour’s national executive in 2014 to apply for the organisation’s endorsement. In a process designed to convey the appearance of transparency and internal democracy, the strategy board invented last year for the same purpose will meet shortly to select two or three candidates who Progress will […]

Paul Kenny: no lectures from wealthy outsiders and CLP cuckoos

by Newsdesk.

This is the full text of GMB general secretary Paul Kenny’s speech to Labour party conference this morning. It is a pleasure of speaking today as Chair of TULO, representing the fourteen affiliated trade unions with a collective voice of millions of working people and their families. The trade union affiliates will only put in […]

Unite has been vindicated over Falkirk. It’s time for others to move on

by Pat Rafferty.

Unite Scotland statement on the Falkirk Constituency Labour Party (CLP) selection by Pat Rafferty, Unite Scottish Regional Secretary. That Unite did nothing wrong in the Falkirk CLP is now a matter of fact. This was made clear by the Labour Party last week (Friday 6 September 2013) and more importantly by Police Scotland earlier last month. Despite […]

Enhance the union collective role in the party, don’t reduce it

by Martin Mayer.

Ed Miliband’s proposals to “mend” the trade union/Labour Party link were prompted by an internal battle for the soul of the Labour Party. This culminated in a bitter row over Falkirk, when the right wing – Blairite shadow ministers, a majority of the PLP and the New Labour pressure group Progress – cried “foul “over UNITE’s success in building support for yet another working class trade unionist candidate.

The Blairites: strong, arrogant and oblivious to the wishes of Labour members

by Jon Lansman.

There is no doubt that the Blairites have had a rough few years. As they see it, Brown, the Pretender who hated the Great Leader, undermined him and forced him out. No sooner had the usurper stolen the Great Leader’s job, than he demonstrated that he wasn’t capable of doing it himself, didn’t really believe in ‘reforming’ public […]

Yes to a union voice, no to state funding

by Mark Seddon.

July has been a hot month. It has been especially hot in the hothouse world of Westminster politics, where lobby hacks mix with media savvy politicians, stories and plots are hatched and exposed. In the immediate aftermath of Ed Miliband’s shock announcement that in future he wanted Labour’s affiliated members to ‘opt in’ to party […]

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