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Young Labour demands wealth super-tax and scrapping of ‘right to buy’

by Newsdesk.

Young Labour’s first conference with written policy motions has seen delegates vote for radical measures to address the cost of living crisis and kick-start the economy. The two-day event in Bradford, which concluded yesterday (Sunday) voted to call on the Labour manifesto to include a one off  “super-tax” which would seize ten per cent of […]

Shock as Young Labour rejects Collins reforms and votes to defend the link

by Conrad Landin.

Young Labour conference today delivered a damning verdict on the Collins Review of the Labour-union link – voting to mandate its delegates to vote against the proposals at the upcoming special conference on 1st March. The party’s youth wing’s two-strong delegation carries 25,000 votes in the affiliates section of annual and special conferences. Though this […]

It’s official: Young Labour can debate policy for two hours every two years

by Conrad Landin.

Who could possibly enjoy the feeling of I-told-you-so when the mess you’re faced with offends you as much as anyone, if not most of all? Certainly not me at the last Young Labour national committee meeting. Along with a minority of committee members, I had spent the previous two meetings warning that giving up any […]

Young Labour committee votes to discuss policy no more than every two years

by Conrad Landin.

At October’s Young Labour national committee meeting, committee members, including chair Simon Darvill and NEC rep Bex Bailey, voted to reject two motions as agenda items: on the grounds that it was not the committee’s place to pass substantive motions, and that this should be left to the biennial policy conference. This has a very […]

London Young Labour defends the trade union link

by Newsdesk.

Britain’s biggest regional Young Labour group last night (Wednesday) vowed to defend the link between trade unions and the Labour party, following Ed Miliband’s announcement that he will seek to end automatic affiliation of membership. The London Young Labour executive committee voted in favour of a motion that also resolved to call on Labour chiefs […]

Young Labour chiefs Simon Darvill and Bex Bailey vote against their own pledges

by Conrad Landin.

Young Labour. Long derided by European allies as “the Blair Witch Project”, but 2013 was the year it was all supposed to have changed. At the organisation’s annual conference in March, delegates were promised by candidates of all the party’s shades that things could only get better. Even candidates of the right, allied as ever […]

Only a proper alternative will defeat the “nice guys”

by Megan Davies.

Last Thursday I attended a charity gig run by students from my school. It was a great event: young bands from the local area showcased their talent and the audience was largely made up of fellow pupils – many of whom had recently reached, or were close to reaching voting age. It came as no […]

Young Labour activists call on MPs to defend the right to strike

by Newsdesk.

The following is a statement signed by Young Labour activists – including London Young Labour chair Hazel Nolan and members of the Young Labour National Committee (see below). The Crime and Courts bill currently approaching its’ third reading in parliament, contains legislation (clauses 12 and 13) proposing to abolish the right to take industrial action […]

Back Olivia Blake for Labour national executive youth place

by Olivia Blake.

My name is Olivia and I am standing to be NEC youth representative because I feel strongly about youth issues that can be addressed by the party. I believe Labour should be offering a real alternative for young people and it is my conviction to make sure this comes from us. I am a 22 […]

Left surge forward in Young Labour – but more at stake this weekend

by Keith Wright.

For the past month, Young Labour members have been voting for their representatives on the youth section’s supposed ruling body – the Young Labour National Committee. When the ballots opened, I did some analysis of who could be considered left candidates, and who would be worth supporting. The results are now in for the regional […]

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