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High Court rules new members must have votes while left sweeps NEC elections

by Newsdesk.

In a momentous day for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Left, the High court ruled that 126,000 new members have a legal right to vote in the leadership election, just hours before the NEC elections delivered six Momentum and CLGA-backed candidates to fill the six CLP seats on Labour’s ruling body. The court ruling, delivered […]

On narrow parliamentarianism

by David Pavett.

On Saturday 6th August the Guardian carried an article by house-journalist Jonathan Freedland entitled ‘Corbyn can’t dismiss the importance of MPs. On Brexit, they’re centre stage.’ The aim of the article was to expose the absurdity of the anti-Parliamentary stance of the “Corbynistas”. On the slightest examination, however, Freedland’s argument falls apart exposing the vapidity his […]

Corbyn piles up nominations as first TV debate takes place

by Newsdesk.

Last night saw the first of six TV debates between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. The challenger repeatedly tried to present himself as equally radical and principled as Corbyn, with phrases such as “good old-fashioned socialist policies”, and only choosing to differ his policy offer from Corbyn’s on the issue of Trident. This has been part […]

‘Picking sides’ – A short reply to Owen Jones

by James Elliott.

Electoral politics, especially in a two-horse race or First Past the Post system, is perhaps politics in its crudest form. They can lead us to uncritical cheerleading, to the politics of ‘lesser evilism’, and putting-up while shutting-up, rather than making nuanced arguments, offering critical support, or demanding policies that are not yet on the table. Resisting this […]

The paranoid style of Corbyn’s critics

by David Osland.

The psychiatric wards of Brezhnev’s USSR were littered with dissidents held to be suffering from serious psychotic disorders, simply because their political opinions were not in line with those of the regime. We British are far too genteel to do that kind of thing. Our preferred modus operandi is media insinuation, as witnessed in Alastair […]

Corbyn will win a second contest, comfortably

by James Elliott.

YouGov’s latest polling in the Labour leadership election which gives Corbyn a twenty point lead on Owen Smith, combined with the news that 183,000 people have signed up as registered supporters to vote, should prove  to be enough confirmation to make predictions at this early stage. While affiliated supporters  can still be signed up through […]

#SaveLabour – Vote Jeremy

by Guest.

A beautiful short film made by activists and filmmakers in Liverpool, featuring a wide range of local Labour members explaining why they support ‪#‎JeremyForLabour‬. Thank you Phil Maxwell, Hazuan Hashim and Lola Perrin! If you would like to volunteer your talents for Jeremy’s campaign, let him know through his campaign website.

Over 180,000 sign up as registered supporters in Labour leadership election

by Newsdesk.

Comforting news for Corbyn supporters as 183,541 people paid £25 to become registered supporters in the Labour leadership election in just 48 hours. The stitch-up of the right on the NEC had prevented around 200,000 party members from being able to cast a vote, forcing many who had joined the party since January 12th to sign […]

Corbyn ahead in leadership poll as Eagle drops out of race

by Newsdesk.

Jeremy Corbyn is set to win the Labour leadership election for the second time in twelve months, according to the latest polling from YouGov, for The Times. The percentage of people who think Corbyn is doing well now stands at 55%, up four points, while 41% think he is doing poorly. Corbyn, according to the YouGov poll, would win […]

NEC subcommittee sets freeze date on affiliate votes

by James Elliott.

Yesterday, the stitch up by the party’s right plunged to new depths, as the NEC procedure subcommittee voted to extend the 6-month membership freeze to affiliates, thereby disenfranchising anyone who has joined a Labour-affiliated union in the past six months – and shutting off one of the left’s best routes to sign up new voters […]

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