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A Labour abstention on Syria makes no sense

by Jon Lansman.

Mehdi Hasan reports at the Huffington Post that Labour could table a ‘reasoned amendment’ to the government motion tomorrow on Syria which demanded that any action against the Syrian regime be contingent on UN approval and after the UN inspectors finish their job (which Ban-Ki Moon says will take four days), and then abstain on […]

Labour MPs have chance to decide policy on Syria

by Jon Lansman.

An emergency meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) has been called at 12:30pm tomorrow to discuss Syria following an appeal to its Chair, David Watts, by Michael Meacher MP “in order that the range and depth of feeling in the PLP can be registered before any final decisions are taken both as to the […]

Syria: the path to hell

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. And to take most people at face value who favour military intervention in Syria, they appear to sincerely favour “doing something” – anything – for the best of reasons. The chemical attack on a rebel-held suburb of Damascus is utterly reprehensible, no doubt about that. After […]

Syria: Ignore the UN at your peril

by Mark Seddon.

Unless we are all prepared to do something about it, history may be set to repeat itself, but this time with far more devastating consequences. Foreign Secretary, William Hague and the Prime Minister, David Cameron are pushing for early missile and air strikes against the Assad regime in Syria. Well informed reports point to a […]

Don’t attack Syria

by Kate Hudson.

We oppose any military attack on Syria. Such actions will only exacerbate this bloody civil war and risk drawing neighbouring states into the conflict. The alleged use of chemical weapons within Syria is to be condemned in the strongest terms, and full details must be sought and secured by UN inspectors. But the right response […]

This rush to war over Syria: have we learnt no lessons from Iraq & Libya?

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron has announced today that the government is indeed planning to take military action against Syria, the Commons is being recalled for Thursday, and no doubt bombing raids will then start straight away over the weekend. This precipitate haste over such a critical matter which may well have dangerous and long-lasting consequences reflects the same […]

Intervention in Syria, inaction on Egypt speaks volumes about US-UK interests

by Michael Meacher.

The war-drums of Western intervention are beating ever louder against Assad, propelled by the 1,400 or more killed by the Syrian military’s chemical weapons attack in Damascus this week, in addition to perhaps 90,000 already killed in a vicious and seemingly endless civil war.

Entering a war is easy, but exiting is painful. Didn’t we learn?

by Michael Meacher.

By busting the EU embargo on arms to Syria and insisting on shipping arms into the warzone if the Syria talks fail later this month, William Hague is at risk of triggering a process of retailiation and counter-retaliation which could explode into yet another regional Middle East war. If Russia responds by arming Assad with […]

Review: The Silence and the Roar, by Nihad Sirees

by Jack Dunleavy.

During the Second World War, a spokesman of the Vichy Government criticised the films of poetic-realist director Marcel Carné for their pessimism, saying that ‘if we have lost the war it is because of Le Quai des Brumes’. Carné is supposed to have retorted that you ‘cannot blame a storm on the barometer’*. For better […]

Western military intervention in Syria has already begun

by Michael Meacher.

Now that Baba Amr has fallen with appalling brutality, the Western press is full of demands for intervention to forestall any further such genocidal episodes. More thoughtful minds insist that Western intervention would be counter-productive. Syria is no Libya: its 20 million population is three times that of Libya, concentrated in big towns and cities […]

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