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1,000 richest Britons worth £547bn, 13m others now in poverty, half in work

by Michael Meacher.

Murdoch’s Sunday Times has just published its Rich List for 2015 which shows that the richest 1,000 persons based in Britain now have wealth valued at £547.1bn. That works out at an average level of wealth of nearly £550 millions per person, though there are wide variations between the threshold level of £100 millions at the […]

Labour politicians on the Rich List

by Jon Lansman.

Most of the rich politicians in Britain, says the Times, are Tories as you would expect. Lord Ashcroft (worth £1,200m) leads the field, pharmaceutical magnate Lord Balleymond next (worth £860m), followed by the Marquess of Salisbury (275m) at no 4, and Lord Heseltine (£264m) no 5. However, rather surprisingly (or perhaps not after 13 years […]

Richest 1,000 persons in UK increased their wealth by £35bn last year

by Michael Meacher.

Instead of ogling at the hyper-rich as seems de rigeur with a media flattered by wealth and celebrity, it is worth looking at the implications of the polarisation of society revealed by today’s Sunday Times Rich List – a world divided not so much as the 99% from the 1%, but rather from the 0.1%, […]

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