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Left Futures is an independent on-line network which seeks to bring to the web the best writing and the sharpest criticism on the Left, and open debate about shaping the future. It is committed to socialism, sustainability, internationalism and democracy.

Whilst Left Futures welcomes all on the Left as readers and contributors, red or green, aligned or not, it believes that the Left’s future remains inextricably linked with that of the Labour Party.  Most Labour members never signed up to the market fundamentalism of Tory and Labour Governments from Thatcher to Blair and Brown, nor to the Iraq war and the attack on civil liberties at home and abroad which followed.  After the election,  most Labour members want to see public investment not cuts in public services and jobs.  The Left must build an alliance that encompasses this mainstream of Labour opinion.

We shall therefore provide a platform for those campaigns which seek to re-align Labour on a Left path, to restore democracy within it and to develop a programme, both principled and popular, to bring about the fundamental changes in society we have long sought.

We seek to shape the future too by giving a platform to those in struggles here and now, to those resisting attempts to make the least well-off pay for the bail-out of banks, for example, or demanding action against climate change.

We hope in this way to draw readers into activity, and activists into working with and within the Labour Left.   We want to build a diverse community, open and engaged, renewing the Left through improved communication. In Britain, much of the Left has been slow to make best use of new media.  Left Futures recognises the challenge – to help everyone on the Left realise their potential through online effectiveness.

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  1. The Left has always and will always be a minority in the Labour Party which is at best a social democratic party not socialist. Sometime you have to decide whether you want to make capitalism nicer or whether you want to overhaul it.

    The only force which will pull Labour leftwards is an electoral threat similar to Ukip for the Tories.

    That’s why I’d encourage socialists to join left unity, which is modelled on similar parties in Spain, Greece and elsewhere in Europe.