Labour Conference Information

Refounding Labour

A key debate at this conference was Refounding Labour – a review of the structure and policy making machinery of the party. Key documents you may wish to download are here (click on the pictures):

CLPD's own submission

Labour Party final report

TULO's submission

Daily Campaign Briefing

You can download the daily delegates briefing (the “yellow pages”) distributed during the 2011 Conference by CLPD here:

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The CLPD 16 page  Autumn 2011 Campaign Briefing is available here.

Guide to Conference

Pete Willsman’s Guide to Conference 2011 is indispensable reading for CLP delegates, CLP Secretaries , conference visitors and anyone trying to follow conference proceedings from home. It explains what’s on the agenda, how conference really works, what elections take place at conference, and the key issues this year. It can be downloaded here.