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Conference opening marred by stitch-up

The opening of Labour’s conference in Liverpool was marred by the attempt to stitch up the debate on conference voting — inadequate time for debate and voting on the whole package, take it or leave it. Speaker after speaker rose to criticise it. The elderly delegate from Richmond Park was particularly loudly applauded (together with Walter Wolfgang, they obviously have a rich vein of older socialist talent); “conference is not being trusted” said Dominic Curran from Vauxhall. The ‘response’ from the CAC was received in noticeable silence. Although the reference back looked fairly close on a show of hands, the chair ignored calls for a card vote. Even Paul Richards, leading light of Progress, was moved to tweet “We’re embarrassing ourselves live on tv.” Let’s that this will at least be a lesson to party managers.


  1. Can you update this with the details on Islington North’s motion please?

  2. Jon Lansman says:

    Conference arrangements committee promised to ook at the motion – but it will be too late. It (and those from a number of other CLPs) was calling for a longer debate, and votes on each section.

  3. Jon,

    Thanks for that….disappointing to say the least….

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