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Dear Liz Kendall, about the differences between socialism and liberalism…

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dear Liz, Re: Leadership of the Labour Party I noted the other day that leadership contests are that rare occasion when MPs and ordinary members are frank about the personalities and policies at the top of the party. Some also over egg the pudding and go for outright abuse. I’m thinking mainly, this time around, […]

No going back: Labour needs a clean break

by Jon Trickett.

History, Marx remarked, often repeats itself. The first time as tragedy and the second time as farce. If we don’t understand history we will certainly be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. And so it is that we can learn a lesson from the Conservatives. Mrs Thatcher showed the Tories how to win […]

Don’t let Chuka take us back to not-so-New Labour

by Barney McCay.

In less than 36 hours after Ed announced his resignation, Chuka Umunna launched his leadership bid. The news, for many on the left, hammers home just how disastrous Thursday’s defeat was. We had woken up on May 7 expecting a Prime Minister to take office in the coming days who genuinely bucked the trend. Miliband, unlike his counterparts, […]

On the centre ground and the politics of aspiration

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Tony Blair’s enduring, if banal, insight is that parties win elections from the centre ground. Labour has to be where most of the voters are in order to win seats enough to govern. While in one sense true, in another the centre ground is a many legged beast. And each body segment has its own […]

Blairite propaganda that “Miliband paid price for lurch to left” is nonsense

by Michael Meacher.

It’s already being said by the Blairite rump that Labour lost because Ed Miliband took the party to the left. The fact is that the New Labour governments were well to the right of the vast majority of Labour supporters, and clearly needed correction, but let that pass. This last-ditch attempt to re-launch the manifestly […]

The difficult coming weeks

by Andy Newman.

On the eve of the general election it seems clear that, discounting any last minute, game-changing surprise, we are headed for a hung parliament. If the polls are right, and they may not be, the Conservatives may be the largest party, and receive more votes than Labour. Both the Conservatives and Labour have fought cautious […]

Labour’s election broadcast – countering the claim that politicians are all the same

by Jon Lansman.

If you weren’t one of well over a million people who have watched Labour’s election broadcast featuring actor Martin Freeman explaining why he is choosing Labour, now is your chance. The thrust of the  broadcast, is to present the choice at this election as “a choice between two completely different sets of values, a choice about […]

Labour’s Blues #3 – a coherent ‘anti-theory’ theory that must be challenged

by David Pavett.

In Labour’s Blues #1, I attempted an overview of the recent book Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics . This was followed by Labour’s Blues #2 in which I questioned the values of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) which  receives high praise in Blue Labour. In this last piece I return to the arguments of Blue […]

Labour’s Blues #2 – Catholic doctrine and defence of the existing social order

by David Pavett.

In Labour’s Blues – anti-secular, anti-rational, more radical conservative than socialist?, I pointed out that the recent book Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics is marked by an anti-secular and anti-rationalist theme running throughout its pages. Further, it claims great importance for religious insights in general and of Catholic Social Thought (CST) in particular as a […]

Labour’s Blues – anti-secular, anti-rational, more radical conservative than socialist?

by David Pavett.

With the 2015 general election almost upon us everyone knows that, even with the boosting effect (for the big parties) of our first past the post system, Labour is unlikely to win a majority of seats. The outcome of the election is especially unpredictable due to the decline of the major parties and the rise […]

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