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What lies behind Blairite calls for “an avowedly pro-business agenda”?

by Jon Lansman.

Alan Milburn was once a Trotskyist, who co-ran a small left-wing bookshop in Newcastle, Days of Hope (aka Haze of Dope). Now he is better known as the New Labour politician and former Secretary of State for Health whom David Cameron appointed as his “social mobility Tsar”. He is also one of those Blairite  heavyweights […]

Where’s Labour’s strategy for working class voters?

by Michael Meacher.

As Labour’s lead in the polls narrows to 1-2%, we need to keep our nerve, and get our priorities right. The previous Blairite electoral rule was to focus exclusively on middle class marginal seats with a narrow majority. This was on the grounds that working class constituencies were bound to vote Labour anyway – if […]

Labour’s significant divide – between renewal and decay

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It must be quiet for the lobby hacks at the moment if Andrew Rawnsley’s Observer piece is anything to go by. With a nod to the silly dichotomies of managerial speak, simmering beneath party unity are five divisions: the 35%’ers vs “majoritarians“, “transformers” vs “realists“, “devolvers” vs “centralisers”, Camp Miliband vs Camp Balls, and “Gloomsters” vs “Zennists“. In the interests […]

On Lawson’s letter, jargon and how not to unite the left

by David Pavett.

Most readers of Left Futures will by now have read the letter from Neal Lawson (he of Compass fame) and others in yesterday’s Guardian. The purpose of the letter is said to be to stiffen Labour’s resolve to be radical and not to try coasting to power on the back of Coalition failure. So far, so […]

Why Marx was right

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’m currently reading Terry Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right, a little book that came out in 2011. And, I have to say, it is possibly the best short introductory work to Marx and Marxism I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot. Taking a set of common charges made against Marx (Marx was a determinist, Marx hated individualism, […]

Reclaiming our Labour party – from the bottom up

by James West.

JAMES WEST reports from the inaugural meeting of the Derby Red Labour group Recently, a few members of my local Labour party in Derby met up to discuss how we can make Labour more representative of our class, and of our communities. The meeting took place under the banner of “Red Labour” – an informal […]

For “better politics”, Labour must start at home

by David Pavett.

I thought that the Labour party’s recent “Education and Children” document was waffle-filled, tendentious, misleading and often wholly wrong. But even that did not prepare me for Labour’s consultation document “Better Politics”, which is aimed at the 2015 manifesto (amendments to be in from constituency parties and affiliates by 13th June). To be fair, the […]

When will Labour critique and respond to Gove’s revolution?

by David Pavett.

It is the age of the “gold standard”. The Labour party has circulated eight consultation documents which set out draft policy proposals for the 2015 manifesto. Education is dealt with in “Education and Children” and to a lesser extent in “Work and Business”. Apparently  they should be read in conjunction with the recently-issued “One Nation […]

2014: the year Miliband’s Labour turns left?

by Thomas Butler.

In 2014, Ed Miliband and his colleagues need to understand once more the reasons The Labour Party came into fruition. And they need to articulate a clear, radical alternative to Tory Austerity with a vision of a post neo-liberal Britain that appeals to swing voters, but also many of those ‘don’t knows’ and stay at […]

American dream or American nightmare?

by Jon Lansman.

Best Xmas movie ever or Communist propaganda? A thank you to 21CenturyManifesto for reminding us that It’s a Beautiful Life starring Jimmy Stewart and Lionel Barrymore, now Britain’s favourite Christmas movie according to a poll for the Radio Times, was regarded as Communist propaganda by the FBI at the time. In a reverse of the Christmas […]

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