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When real wars shade into the simulated environments of the war game….

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The sometimes mischievous French philosopher, Jean Baudrillard earned himself a bit of notoriety in the wake of Operation Desert Storm by declaring that the the Gulf War did not take place. Of course, he wasn’t suggesting it didn’t take place in the sense that conspiracy theorists maintain NASA didn’t land men on the Moon. Baudrillard’s […]

The case for a shorter working week

by Dave Watson.

A shorter working week would to help combat high levels of work-related stress and be good for the economy. While the UK government’s new flexible working plan is a welcome move in the right direction, it will still be too easy for employers to block requests. John Ashton, the President of the UK Faculty of Public Health recently said:

The World Cup of our dreams

by Mark Perryman.

To drag ourselves away from the banalities of the Brazil 2014 TV studio punditariat Mark Perryman provides a World Cup reading list. The professionally cautious Roy Hodgson just couldn’t resist it could he? ‘England can win this World Cup’ he declares on the eve of the tournament. Not if Roy consults the match histories elegantly […]

The right to roam

by Grahame Morris.

Tomorrow will mark the 82nd anniversary of the Kinder Scout trespass. Over eighty years ago working class people defied the police and landowners with a mass trespass in the Peak District in order to assert their right to roam. The protest led to five demonstrators being arrested and imprisoned. However, it also began the process that would see […]

Sex, power play and Trotskyism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s one that has had seasoned left watchers stumped in bemusement. Back in the day, it was so different. As a general rule, most people exiting revolutionary outfits either returned to private life, or continued being active inside the labour movement. A small minority of comrades, however, would stick with the far left. The ultra-correct […]

We need to back local pubs

by Andy Newman.

In January 2013, Vince Cable, the business secretary, announced that the relationship between pub companies (PubCos)and publicans would be defined in law, and an independent adjudicator appointed to examine unfair practices. The Financial Times reported Mr Cable speech at the time, where the minister said:

Taking a Radical Step

by Newsdesk.

East End Walks tour guide David Rosenberg launches his sixth season of walking tours on the morning of Sunday 17th February, when he will be leading members of the public from Aldgate to Cable Street on an “Anti-Fascist Footprints” tour. David will explain how Sir Oswald Mosley’s “Blackshirts” built a powerful presence in the area […]

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