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Murder in Woolwich

by Michael Meacher.

It was a shocking, abominable murder. But the fear remains that this may not be the action of hatred-obsessed psychopaths, but the beginnings of a long-drawn-out saga of Muslim revenge. The words that the murderer used have already gone round the world: “we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this […]

Congratulations Obama: now end the bloodshed in Afghanistan

by Paul Flynn.

The outcome of the US elections was a moment of great joy and satisfaction. The peacemaker Obama has been voted into power again. He is a man who voted against the Iraq war in 2003, against the jingoism of his time. He will continue to serve the world with his idealism, his intelligence and his […]

The US: a declining military and economic power

by Michael Meacher.

The news today that 3 more NATO troops have been killed by Afghan soldiers – bringing the number of such murders to 15 in this month alone and 45 this year so far – is serious enough, but it hides a much more disturbing background. It has been dismissed as a series of random killings, not […]

The latest Afghan killings will speed up UK troop withdrawals

by Michael Meacher.

The killing of 6 British soldiers in Helmand-Kandahar this week will accelerate the timetable for the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, whatever the MOD may say to the contrary. The UK government was already committed to bring back home 1,000 of the 9,500 UK troops (excluding special forces) stationed there by the end of […]

Afghanistan: more bad news

by Mike Phipps.

You know things are not going well when even the puppet government installed by the occupying US forces criticises its masters. In January, President Hamid Karzai publicly accused the American military of torture and arbitrary detention at Bagram Air Base, the largest US-run prison in Afghanistan.

Liberal interventionism: an excuse for yet another war

by Daniel Blaney.

For 10 years the peace movement has been on continuous high alert. We have had ‘liberal intervention’ in Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently in Libya. Even before September 11th 2001, we had NATO intervention in Yugoslavia and regular US/UK bombing raids over the misnamed ‘no fly zone’ of Iraq. During this time, public opinion in the UK has […]

Afghanistan: What they said 10 years ago

by Andy Newman.

These are just some of the claims made by British politicians in 2001 justifying the invasion of Afghanistan, pretending it was a humanitarian intervention. Given that the British government would surely have known that the US invasion only succeeded due to the alliances forged with warlords just as bad as the Taliban, and that the US government had […]

Afghanistan ten years on

by David Osler.

Almost ten years to the day since the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom, the fighting has yet to stop, and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. One article that has confirmed me in this depressing train of thought is an offering from Lieutenant General David Rodriguez, deputy commander of US Forces in that […]

Four more years of war in Afghanistan is unacceptable

by Jon Lansman.

Tony Benn, narrating this excellent short video with music by Brian Eno, concludes “four more years of war in Afghanistan is unacceptable“. Do watch it — the message is stark. The Afghan war is currently costing £12m per day, enough to pay for 100,000 nurses and 150,000 care workers. But with 9,300 Afghan civilians killed […]

The meaning of 9/11

by Michael Meacher.

9/11 remains one of the most misunderstood events in modern history. The first myth is that it came out of the blue on an unsuspecting America. In fact it is known that 11 countries provided advance warnings to the US about the 9/11 attacks, including Russia and Israel which sent 2 senior Mossad experts to […]

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