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To Labour’s disputes panel: please don’t unleash a wave of witch hunting

by David Pavett.

Everyone knows that Andrew Fisher’s accusers see him as a way of undermining Jeremy Corbyn. The Party members who have publicly said much more damaging things regarding the Labour Party are legion and include some of Andrew Fisher’s accusers. I do not believe that anyone entertains the illusion that this move is motivated by a […]

Andrew  Fisher’s comedy career is all over

by David Osland.

I hate to break it to him, but Andrew Fisher is just going to have to accept that the second career he so obviously yearns for as a fulltime gag-writer for Frankie Boyle is never going to happen for him. He’ll just have to stick to being Britain’s best young left-wing economist instead. Rumour is […]

Andrew Fisher’s suspension isn’t about rule-breaking – it’s about factional struggle

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

So a couple of Labour MPs have made complaints against Andrew Fisher, Jeremy’s head of policy, and the NEC have moved to suspend him. His crime? Among other things, publishing a tweet advocating a vote for our anarchist friends Class War over Labour’s Emily Benn in Croydon South almost a year prior to the general […]

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