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Why climate change helped trigger the Syrian civil war

by Clive Lewis.

Watching events in Syria you can’t help but be thoroughly disturbed. Massacres, chemical weapons usage, millions displaced, mass destruction and a death toll approaching an estimated 100,000. Although well into the 21st century the old bloody habits of the 20th seem reluctant to let go. But as events unfold in Syria I fear we are witnessing […]

Tunisia two years on: From hope to despair and back again

by John Millington.

Two years ago Western backed dictator Ben Ali was removed from power in Tunisia. Hope replaced desperation and ordinary Tunisian’s looked ahead to a new dawn of democracy and prosperity. But fast forward to 2013 and hope has given way to despair with splits within political Islam, between the ruling “moderate” party and the extremist […]

The anti-imperialism of fools….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

While the world’s gaze if fixed on London and the Olympics, in Syria, the battle for Aleppo has well and truly begun. This is clearly an attempt by the Assad regime to reassert itself after the bombings and raids into Damascus that knocked it so badly off-balance. So, it is a crucial battle, whichever side […]

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