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Boris Johnson thinks Obama’s a bit of a mobster too

by Jon Lansman.

Last week, Ken Livinstone, defending the rule of law, said that the manner of the killing of Bin Laden “undermines any commitment to democracy and trial by jury and makes Obama look like some sort of mobster.” For this, he was denounced by “moderate” Labour bloggers — “the madness of Ken’s attack on Obama” and […]

Bin Laden, extra judicial killing – and the shining example that was Nuremburg

by Mark Seddon.

In  the  days  of the Wild West, the posters used to read ‘Wanted! Dead or Alive’.  Now  in  the White House we must presume they read, ‘Wanted! Dead, Not Alive!’ This  is  the  image  that  President  Obama  and  his administration have conveyed  through  the bizarre but officially sanctioned photograph showing them watching the military operation […]

Libyan mission creep: Labour should back international law, not NATO

by Jon Lansman.

The three NATO leaders have now made clear their objective in Libya — and it is regime change and not the more limited objectives set by the UN. Regime change is not a legitimate objective for NATO’s leaders to determine. It is an entirely legitimate aspiration for the Libyan people. It could become a legitimate […]

Time to turn the screws on Israel for the sake of its own survival

by Mark Seddon.

Watching a succession of Western leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of German and Prime Minister Cameron of Britain speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on Saturday, I was struck by the huge importance they attached to the fast moving events in Egypt, and the wider Arab World. It was almost as though the enormity of what […]

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