Ecclestone shouldn’t be able to bribe his way out of bribery – he should go to prison

Bernie EcclestoneIt is shocking that Bernie Ecclestone could offer a £100m payment to walk free of a massive bribery case for which he was clearly guilty. He admitted he had given an official a £44m bribe in order to head off an investigation into his tax affairs, but when this is rumbled he gets away with it scot-free by offering an even bigger bribe to a judge which to a multi-billionaire like him is small fry. No question of him serving a prison sentence for a very serious criminal offence, not even of his being disqualified from holding a senior executive corporate position when his record had shown he was fundamentally dishonest and untrustworthy. Appallingly this case reveals yet again that prison is for the little people, not the big name offenders who can buy their way out. Continue reading