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Young Labour and Gaza: first as farce, then as farce

by Conrad Landin.

The religion of socialism is for me not so much the language of priorities, as  the language of common sense, of right and wrong. So sitting on the Young Labour national committee has been a frustrating experience. At the August meeting, senior members of the committee – including chair Simon Darvill and national executive committee […]

It’s official: Young Labour can debate policy for two hours every two years

by Conrad Landin.

Who could possibly enjoy the feeling of I-told-you-so when the mess you’re faced with offends you as much as anyone, if not most of all? Certainly not me at the last Young Labour national committee meeting. Along with a minority of committee members, I had spent the previous two meetings warning that giving up any […]

Young Labour committee votes to discuss policy no more than every two years

by Conrad Landin.

At October’s Young Labour national committee meeting, committee members, including chair Simon Darvill and NEC rep Bex Bailey, voted to reject two motions as agenda items: on the grounds that it was not the committee’s place to pass substantive motions, and that this should be left to the biennial policy conference. This has a very […]

Young Labour: “any weakening of the union link should be opposed”

by Newsdesk.

The national committee of the Labour Party’s young wing, Young Labour, vowed on Wednesday night “to defend the right of trade union members through their affiliated trade union to take part in the selection of candidates at every level of the party”. Young Labour joins scores of grassroots activists and party units in expressing concern […]

Young Labour chiefs Simon Darvill and Bex Bailey vote against their own pledges

by Conrad Landin.

Young Labour. Long derided by European allies as “the Blair Witch Project”, but 2013 was the year it was all supposed to have changed. At the organisation’s annual conference in March, delegates were promised by candidates of all the party’s shades that things could only get better. Even candidates of the right, allied as ever […]

What happened to Young Labour’s ‘radical zeal’?

by Conrad Landin.

I was bewildered when there was at the Young Labour fringe event at party conference last Wednesday, there was no mention of the policies we had voted for.

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