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To catch people like Rebekah Brooks & Bob Diamond we need strict liability

by Michael Meacher.

In her memo to her own staff over the hacking scandal Rebekah Brooks wrote “We were all appalled and shocked when we heard about these allegations yesterday………I have to tell you that I am sickened that these events are alleged to have happened…………..Not just because I was editor of the News of the World at […]

Leveson-style inquiry into banks needed, not inter-MPs mud-slinging

by Michael Meacher.

They’re being forced to yield inch by inch. First, Barclays’ chairman Agius said he had no intention of resigning; 24 hours later he’d gone. Then the shameless and disgraced chief executive Diamond announced that he was the best person to oversee a change in culture at the bank, having told us a few months ago […]

This latest bank crisis leaves several vital questions unanswered

by Michael Meacher.

Since the rigging of the key inter-bank lending rate (LIBOR) has been going on since 2005, why did it require the US Department of Justice to bring this enormous scam to light and why were the British authorities (FSA, Bank of England and Treasury) asleep at the wheel? Why were the top management of the banks so monumentally incompetent, or so wilfully blind, as not even to notice a clue in 7 years?

We need an independent inquiry into the fraud, wrongdoing & ethics of British banks

by Ann Pettifor.

Following the gentle fines on Barclays Bank for its sustained manipulation of LIBOR interest rates, I have submitted an e-petition to government for a judicial public inquiry, which is already up on the government website and ready for signing – click here to access it. I hope that readers and followers who share my view that a full-scale […]

Diamond trousers £6.5million

by Jon Lansman.

Bob Diamond, Chief Executive of Barclays plc, who told the Commons’ Treasury Select Committee in January that the time for bankers’ “remorse” over the collapse of the British banking system “was over”, has been awarded a bonus for 2010 of £6.5million, taking his total pay for the year to about £10million. The Wall Street Journal […]

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