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Why does Labour still buy these incompetent neoliberal myths?

by Michael Hanratty.

In the first of a two-part series, MICHAEL HANRATTY considers what the left’s reaction to the budget says about the state of Labour thinking. Budget Day being an ordinary working day, I don’t normally get to digest the nuts and bolts of policy until it’s all become more widely discussed and less opaque. But this […]

Osborne’s deficit reduction is just a pretext

by Michael Meacher.

To fill a Budget with populist gimmicks while wholly ignoring the economic fundamentals that are remorselessly driving this country into a semi-permanent stagnation is to degrade the high office of Chancellor. The home loans scheme has more than a whiff of sub-prime about it, luring those without the means to buy a house they cannot afford […]

Why we need government spending now

by Mohamed Harrath.

Moody’s decision last month to downgrade the UK’s credit rating for the first time since 1978 was the final metric by which Osbornomics has proven a failed policy on every front. The growing opposition to austerity among economists, commentators and more notably, in business, shows that austerity is disastrous for everyone but those who would be so […]

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