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The Tories shuffling towards defeat

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

“What a weird cabinet reshuffle“, muses Dan Hodges. “Massacre of the moderates!” shouts Labour. Yes, really. “Brutal ministerial cull” says The Mirror. On and on it goes. Yes, some Tory careers have limped unlamented into the night, including some big hitters. But the story is of ruthlessness and verve, of Dave slicing through his government and leaving behind him […]

Reshuffle: ‘Gove Out’ is a hollow victory for education campaigners

by John Millington.

For a man who has had an online game dedicated to slapping him millions of times, it is some what of an achievement that Michael Gove has lasted as long as he has. Derided by teachers and the butt of jokes over his condemnation of strike action despite his union past (he was a member […]

Reshuffles show Westminster in its awful naked self

by Michael Meacher.

What is so depressing about reshuffles is that politicians see it – as do the journalists who slavishly report it – as all about themselves, their careers, their prospects , their GPT (Got Political Talent), regardless of what might be the consequential impacts on the British people. The Prime Minister’s office issues a press notice […]

When did a reshuffle last boost the Labour left?

by David Osler.

The ‘who’s up, who’s down’ narrative inevitably forms the main thrust of much commentary whenever a ministerial reshuffle takes place. But for the majority of us, who know of the politicians involved solely from what the media chooses to tell us about them, that will be of little interest. Rather more important is the new […]

A shuffle to the right

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Today, politics came back with a bang. David Cameron unveiled his first significant reshuffle since taking power after a weekend of damp squib policy announcements. In the most central area for the government, the economy, it was very much a case of plus ca change. George Osborne, unsurprisingly, remained in place, as did Vince Cable […]

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