The Left needs to organise to win Labour’s internal elections this year

Inside Labour Corbyn“Force of conservatism” in the Labour Party will not be defeated until the left wakes up to the importance of structures, a former CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes told the Morning Star this week. Hayes is standing for election to Labour’s influential conference arrangements committee.

He said the party’s policy-making structures should empower members and “not officialdom.” His comments came after Labour rightwingers won key positions at the London Young Labour conference last weekend, due to being better organised that their left-wing rivals. Mr Hayes, who is standing alongside north London party activist Seema Chandwani on the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance slate, warned that the right had upped its game following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. Continue reading

Support Labour Left candidates for the CAC and NCC

15167566_363683487310378_6461076300909223024_oLeft Futures is supporting the following candidates for Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee, elected later this year. It is of huge importance to the left in the party that we gain control of these bodies, which control the conference agenda and disciplinary procedures, respectively.

The candidates below were selected by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, a coalition of organisations on the centre and left of the Labour Party who campaign for democracy and socialist policies within the party, such as the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy. They are also all supported by Momentum, the grassroots network of Jeremy Corbyn supporters.  Continue reading

Support the Left candidates for Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee!

Inside Labour CorbynAt the CLP meeting that elects your conference delegates, it is likely that nominations for candidates for Labour’s 2017 internal elections will also be considered.

There are two elections this year where CLPs can nominate candidates. The following candidates support the Party leadership and are being backed by the Centre-left Grassroots Alliance and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.

It is vitally important to the left in the party that the following candidates are elected. You can help by securing nominations for them from your CLP, and in the case of the NCC, ensuring your conference delegates vote for them.  Continue reading