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Richard Seymour’s demolition of Christopher Hitchens

by Andy Newman.

When my brother was at secondary school doing his A levels, he was given such stinking references by his teachers that one university interviewed him because they had to see this lad for themselves. I have rarely seen a book so roundly pilloried by reviewers as Richard Seymour’s Unhitched, the Trial of Christopher Hitchens, and […]

Book review: ‘Unhitched: the Trial of Christopher Hitchens’ by Richard Seymour

by David Osler.

The target is a famous journalist who ranked among the foremost English language polemicists of his era; the assailant is something of a lesser luminary, sadly afflicted with a prose style that comes across like a deliberate parody of an obscure 1970s French structural-functionalist political sociology text. On the literary level, I guess, Richard Seymour’s […]

Hitchens, the “kitsch-left”, and the cult of the individual

by Conrad Landin.

I was somewhat taken aback when I saw that James Bloodworth had joined the brigades calling for a ‘statue’ to the late journalist Christopher Hitchens to be erected in London’s Red Lion Square. Taking to the pages of the Independent, he proclaimed: “Hitchens represents a break only with those parts of the left that after […]

Alexander Cockburn: the Christopher Hitchens who the left could love until the end

by Carl Packman.

Journalists are ten a penny today. Every other person you meet is one, in one sense or another. And that’s not because we all hang out in particularly meretricious settings with the haves (not the have-nots), but because we’re all writing, all giving our opinion, all setting the tone among our friends and beyond. That’s […]

Christopher Hitchens and his critics

by David Osler.

Obituaries that openly exult in the death of their subject remain something of a rarity. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, and all that. That hasn’t stopped all the wrong guys from cheering the passing of Christopher Hitchens. The Hitch was, according to a prominent contributor to Britain’s widely-read socialist blog, a ‘grubby apologist for […]

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