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Minority government, Scotland and the grilling of Ed Miliband

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What did you think of last night’s grilling of the main party leaders? As much as I detest Dave and his Nick Clegg mini-me, I think they performed creditably by the criteria one judges media appearances. The Prime Minister was polished and a little bit sweaty, but his question dodging body swerves saw him through […]

Will those fighting Labour’s ground war be consulted on who we work with after 7 May?

by Peter Rowlands.

Following a local discussion recently I realised that not only had I not thought about or had any clear ideas as to whether or how the membership would be consulted in the event of a hung parliament, but that this was largely the position across the board, with few commentators or bloggers addressing the question, […]

A Con-Lab coalition would be the nuclear option – mutually assured destruction

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

With the polls bouncing all over the place and only a few daft enough to make predictions about the general election, there’s a lot of coalition talk doing the rounds. The SNP and Greens – wisely – have ruled out any arrangement with the Conservatives. And Farage has ruled out a deal with Labour (thanks […]

Deciding on a coalition: should Labour follow Attlee or MacDonald?

by Jon Lansman.

Labour has had two experiences of formal coalition. In the first, its leader chose not to consult the party which was very divided about his austerity programme, and chose to go into coalition with the Tories and Liberals. This split the party which didn’t form a majority government for 14 years. In the second, the leader […]

Why Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru should work together to defeat UKIP

by Jon Lansman.

To the extent that the British media’s political coverage ever veers far from Westminster, all eyes are currently on Scotland. In the wake of the Neverendum on Scottish independence and its leadership election, the potential  meltdown of Scottish Labour in the general election is massive not only in Scotland: it is the biggest factor in the outcome […]

So who decides if Labour should enter a coalition government?

by Jon Lansman.

The Tories, we are told, think it is “only sensible” to prepare for a possible hung parliament, and plan to ballot their MPs on any deal so they have to “dip their hands in the blood” and will be less likely to rock the boat second time round. Paul Goodman, Conservative Home Editor and ex-MP, may think the […]

Osborne’s zombified spending review

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

When his pallid figure rose to address the House just after lunch time, there was no sign of the urbane, erotic charm characteristic of the intelligent, blood-sucking undead. Instead, what we got was a cadaverous chancellor devoid of all thought, save that of the decaying dogma that animates his being. This spending review, this budget […]

‘Labour against Sin’ launched today (and why we should oppose it)

by Jon Lansman.

Well, almost. Labour for Democracy actually. Misleading name – it’s the electoral reform lobby. They just won’t lie down. As if we haven’t had enough of coalitions! We haveone now that satisfies neither party that’s in it, and gives us policies that their voters voted against, never mind ours. And they want more of the same […]

How long can this go on? Not the Coalition, but peace on the streets?

by Michael Meacher.

The latest news about inflation – RPI up last month from 2.8% to 3.2% when wages are virtually flat – is bad enough, but the background makes this a whole lot worse. Since 9 August 2007 when the collapse at Northern Rock heralded the start of the Great Financial Crash, debt, despite all the privations […]

It’s all over now, for Nick Clegg

by Carl Packman.

What could possibly be worse for Nick Clegg than Labour grimacing at him over his admission that he’d join in coalition with them if they were to fall short of a Commons majority in 2015? It’s not outright hostility, but pity. Once upon a time it was an unwritten rule that Labour party activists, particularly […]

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