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Keep it Co-op and ensure a strong voice for cooperatives in politics

by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Co-operative movement has a long and proud history in this country, working to build a society where wealth and power are shared. I have been a supporter of the Co-op all my life. Co-operators are pioneers, as they were when they founded it, whether on fairtrade or now tax justice. I believe the movement […]

Corporate capture of the Co-op – and how you can stop it

by Peter Willsman.

When Sir Graham Melmoth raises concerns about what is going on at the Co-operative Group – as he did recently in the Guardian – then it is worth listening. Graham Melmoth was a highly successful Chief Executive of the Group and is the man who saved the Co-op from de-mutualisation. He is just one of […]

Benneconomics – a tribute

by Andrew Fisher.

I got to know Tony Benn well when I worked as a researcher to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs in the mid-2000s. I’d first met him when he was about to stand down from Parliament “to devote more time to politics“, a promise which he fulfilled. He filled venues around the country with […]

Labour needs to design a co-operative, democratic economy

by James Gibson.

The very ideas of ‘guild socialism’ and ‘distributism’ have been rarely advocated since the early 20th century, yet the case for equality and common ownership is stronger than ever. Perhaps the marginalisation of guild socialists is a product of the global polarisation that has made us forget about the fundamental power of economic co-operation? We have […]

Help save the Gay Hussar and give co-ops a bost

by Mark Seddon.

Is it madness to want to save a 60-year-old restaurant, the Gay Hussar in London’s Soho, because of fond memories of goulash, fierce argument and good humour – and to want others to have similar experiences? The late Tom Driberg tried famously to persuade Mick Jagger to stand as a Labour candidate there; Victor Sassie, longtime maître d’, whose claims […]

The Coop group is in a mess: deal with it

by Richard Murphy.

I’m angry that the Co-op group is in a mess. As a member I have been let down. As a customer of the bank they’ve failed me. As a believer in the co-op approach to business I am disappointed that flagship co-op has failed so many other successful co-ops by its actions. I am annoyed […]

Is Britain being held to ransom by trans-national companies and billionaires?

by Mark Seddon.

If you cut through the hysteria currently being generated by the Murdoch echo chamber that is the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail whose hatred of trade unions knows no bounds, there is a stubborn truth that no amount of air-brushing will do away with. It is that Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire owner of the […]

Hedge funds capture Labour’s bankers – no longer Coop owned

by Jon Lansman.

Hedge funds and other major investors have forced the Cooperative Group to cede majority control of the Cooperative Bank, Labour’s bankers, with the Group’s stake in the bank dropping from 70% to 30%. The US-based hedge funds Aurelius Capital (a ‘vulture’ fund which bought the debt of bankrupt Argentina and forced them to pay out) and Silver […]

Banks: time to move your own money

by Newsdesk.

We all know that the banks have failed us and something has to change. The banks won’t change of their own accord and politicians and regulators are too narrowly focused on maintaining the status quo, so we must be the agents of change. It is simple: make a positive decision about where to put your […]

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