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Killing a few less and doing it in a slower and more kindly fashion is no answer

by Michael Meacher.

Eastleigh was never going to be a Labour win, but it would have done a good deal better if people knew what Labour really stood for compared to the other parties, particularly on the economy.   The one central issue on which all others turn is how to handle the deficit, yet here Labour continues to represent merely […]

Eastleigh – bad for Libs and Labs, disastrous for Tories

by Jon Lansman.

The result in Eastleigh may be a relief to the Lib Dems, but it is still a very bad result. How can losing more than 14% share of the vote be anything else? They may have won but, as the bleary eyed will have heard Prof John Curtice say after the announcement, it was with […]

Mail on Sunday in smear attempt on John O’Farrell

by Jon Lansman.

The Mail on Sunday, in a disgraceful smear on Labour’s candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, John O’Farrell, have grossly distorted words used in Things can only get better, his comic account of “eighteen miserable years in the life of a Labour supporter” under Thatcher and Major to claim that “he wished Margaret Thatcher had been […]

Eight reasons why things can only get better in Eastleigh

by Jon Lansman.

As the self-nominated applicants to be Labour’s candidate in Eastleigh prepare to be interviewed by Labour’s shortlisting panel, John O’Farrell, author of Things Can Only Get Better and script-writer on such tremendous TV political comedy as Spitting Image and Have I Got News for You, seems to be the favourite. Since we need a candidate who can […]

Labour should be trashing the Lib Dem record in Eastleigh

by Jon Lansman.

Last time Nigel Farage stood in Eastleigh at a by-election, he languished on 1.7%, with only 169 votes more than Screaming Lord Sutch. That is surely little enough to persuade him not to have another go (though if he does, it will damage the Tories most). Labour, on the other hand came second to the […]

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