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It’s too late to build a Two-Ed-ist coalition against the Two-Ed detractors

by Andy Newman.

It is a paradox that the coalition building skills necessary to be a successful party leader are often not the skills of persuasive and decisive determination necessary to be a successful prime minister. Sadly, it seems that Ed Miliband may not have the attributes to be succesful in either role. Miliband is certainly ill-served by […]

We need a growth policy to create jobs, not pay cuts

by Michael Meacher.

There is no doubt this is a defining moment for the Labour Party. No-one questions that Ed Balls cannot, with 3 years or more to go to the next election, promise to reverse this or that particular cut, because nobody can anticipate in this exceptionally fluid and febrile situation what will be the state of […]

Ed Balls’ surrender is a political disaster

by Owen Jones.

I never expected to become a defender of New Labour’s record, let alone against its own most zealous supporters. At this point, I should clarify that I haven’t been kidnapped by Peter Mandelson and transformed into a Blairite drone. What I mean is that among all the disappointments and betrayals of the New Labour era, […]

What is Balls up to?

by Michael Meacher.

What is Ed Balls up to? His statement this weekend, at the Fabian conference, that he endorses Osborne’s public sector wage freeze until the end of this Parliament – possibly 3.5 years away – and accepts all the government’s spending cuts finally crosses a red line. At a time when the central economic problem is […]

What Balls said, what Balls means

by Carl Packman.

Is there any reason to believe Ed Balls supports the Tory-led cuts agenda? No. He said that he accepted the cuts, not agreed with them. He also said “I cannot make commitments now for three years’ time. I won’t do that. It wouldn’t be credible.” So does Ed Balls have ideas to the contrary to […]

Ed Balls’ plan won’t work without a real jobs & growth strategy

by Michael Meacher.

After unveiling his 5 point recovery plan in Liverpool, Ed Balls concluded with a flourish: “I don’t care what they call it, Britain just needs a plan that works”. I agree. Assuming the aim is to turnaround the slide into stagnation by generating sustainable growth which will steadily reduce unemployment, it is worth asking how […]

In defence of Ed Balls

by Jon Lansman.

According to Dan Hodges blogging at the New Statesman, Ed Balls should be sacked as Shadow Chancellor in the coming reshuffle. And why? For having been the key architect behind Gordon Brown of New Labour’s neo-liberal economic strategy of deregulation and tax cuts? Certainly not. For “unlearning every rule he once imposed with iron, and […]

Labour must renounce its ugly Blairite legacy if it wants to win

by Michael Meacher.

Monday was a day of shame, the day they denationalised the NHS.   Yet at the second reading of the Bill in the House of Commons the main line of defence of the increasingly isolated Andrew Lansley, who is clearly out of his depth, was that the Tories are only carrying on where Blair left off and […]

Put growth and jobs first

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Balls lost no time in attacking the government when the latest figures emerged showing a contraction of the economy in the last quarter, urging them to “urgently re-think their reckless plan to cut the deficit too far and too fast and start putting growth and jobs first.” Osborne’s reaction, however, is “we’re not going […]

Ed Balls: the Bloomberg speech

by Jon Lansman.
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