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Election day: get out the vote

by Jon Lansman.

Left Futures staff will not be posting again until after the close of poll. We’re concentrating on getting out every last vote we can for Ken Livingstone and every other candidate standing today. We hope you are too.

Moving on from ‘Ken and the Jews’

by Ken Livingstone.

The last week saw my relationship with the Jewish community in the headlines. I agree with those including in my own party who want to break out of the “drama” of “Ken and the Jewish community” – it’s time to move on from that, onto something less headline-grabbing but more dynamic. I understand the dismay […]

Ken and the Jews

by Jon Lansman.

Unlike Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian, I shall be voting for Ken Livingstone to be London’s Mayor, I shall be out campaigning for him and I shall be arguing against those in Labour’s ranks who, from the outset, have sought to undermine and damage his campaign. He offers the best policies for London and his […]

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