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Do MPs have a “greater mandate”?

by David Pavett.

Constitutional specialist Vernon Bogdanor wrote recently in the New Statesman The Labour Party is composed of three main elements – the Parliamentary Labour Party, the trade unions and the members. But the PLP is the most important, given that it represents the nine million people who voted Labour in 2015, and any future Labour government […]

The Cruddas Report and winning in 2020

by Peter Rowlands.

The independent inquiry by Jon Cruddas and others, ‘Why Labour lost in 2015 and how it can win again’ has just been published (late May 2016), although much of the material has already appeared. It does I think deserve another look, as there is fresh material, it is serious, as opposed to just being a […]

The Left needs to unpack what “Electability” really means

by Max Leak.

The candidacy of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership has stimulated the party’s old debate surrounding the Left and “electability”: supporters of the Islington North MP claim that elections are won by a clear and confident statement of one’s ideas, whilst opponents universally claim that elections are won, always and in any circumstance, by […]

Ed Miliband needs to challenge the UKIP surge

by Carl Packman.

At the time of writing (15:47) UKIP has won 78 seats and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing. That is quite something. Not only is it making the Tories look stupid and the Liberal Democrats look irrelevant, it makes Labour look like they haven’t the nous to be […]

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