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If OFWAT refuses price increases, why not OFGEM too?

by Michael Meacher.

OFWAT has just turned down as “unjustified” an 8% hike in customer bills proposed by Thames Water, the biggest UK water company. So shouldn’t OFGEM take a leaf out of OFWAT’s book in dealing with proposed energy price hikes? The same profiteering has appeared in the water industry, with huge sums being set aside for […]

Energy pricing scandal grows by the day, but who has a policy to deal with it?

by Michael Meacher.

Npower is the latest energy company to put up its prices this autumn, by 10.4% on top of 9% last November, during a period in which the rate of inflation was a mere 2.8%. This will add £137 to the average annual dual fuel bill of £1,460. The company, like others of the Big Six […]

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