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Jo Cox murder: the omnipresent danger of fascism

by David Osland.

He says his name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain. But Tommy Mair might as well have called himself a ticking time bomb, and the obvious question is why he exploded now. The alleged murderer of Labour MP Jo Cox has a track record of mental health problems. But despite the flood of instant […]

The Royals and the Nazis

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Who wasn’t tickled by this front page? Well, The Palace, obviously. They said it’s “disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago… has been obtained and exploited“. Disappointing? How so? It’s not like anyone seriously believes the Queen has an attic full of Nazi regalia and goes to bed with a signed copy of Mein Kampf. […]

Why is the extreme right on the rise in Europe?

by Tom Gill.

The European Parliament is preparing to welcome the most powerful extreme right that the Old Continent has seen since the 1930s. Ignacio Ramonet discusses the factors behind this disturbing political development in a translation by Tom Gill from the French original. One thing is certain: the European elections in late May will result in an overall rise of […]

Why French anti-fascists took to the streets last weekend

by Tom Gill.

Thousands marched in Paris and other cities in France last weekend to protest against  violence by far right groups which claimed the life of Clément Méric, a student union and anti-fascist activist. Below is a joint statement by the organisers and supporters of the demonstrations: Fascism kills. Together, we can fight it! On 5 June, right-wing militants […]

The Spirit of ’43

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman from Philosophy Football explores a year when the tide turned against Fascism Ken Loach’s recent film Spirit of ’45 brilliantly celebrates the triumphant mood that delivered a Labour Landslide election victory at the end of World War Two and the establishment of both the Welfare State and nationalised public utilities. What is made […]

Di Canio in Swindon, the Dog that Didn’t Bark

by Andy Newman.

Mark Haddon’s book The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Night-time was set in Swindon, referencing the famous dictum by Sherlock Holmes, in the story The Silver Blaze. Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog […]

Paulo Di Canio: We Must Prevent Fascism Becoming Acceptible

by Andy Newman.

I was delighted at the response of David Miliband in resigning as vice chair of Sunderland after the appointment of open fascist Paulo di Canio as manager. Since then, Durham NUM have asked for their banner to be returned, up until now proudly displayed at the Stadium of Light: Davey Hopper, General Secretary of the […]

Can you be a fascist, Paolo Di Canio, without being a racist?

by Carl Packman.

A lot has been made of Sunderland Football Club’s new manager Paolo Di Canio’s previous comments and actions, that have been expressly fascist in nature. The accusations, that Di Canio now call “ridiculous and pathetic”, include giving roman salutes to A.S. Roma fans (who are known to have a wide Jewish following), a recorded interview […]

Outside Right

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman reviews Daniel Trilling’s new book on Britain’s Far Right Daniel Trilling has been for some time one of the few mainstream political journalists to take the British Far Right seriously. While at various moments anti-fascism has been a galvanising force for wide sections of the Left, the centre ground has too often been […]

One Nation Anti-Extremism

by Carl Packman.

Without naming names, I want to ask left wing people generally what they would think about an organisation that pitches itself against extremism and fanaticism, that has an LGBT division, a Jewish division, holds banners on protests proclaiming solidarity with Sikh groups and women’s rights. One prominent commentator recently told an audience about one such […]

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